Crowdfunding Sites and Resources

Resources for raising money for small business from the training on Crowdfunding taught by Martin Brossman and Dan Scala 

Crowdsourcing and Fund Raising

Crowdsourcing and Fund Raising

Best Crowdfunding Sites for Fundraising (refer to notes in class for correct use of each):

A few of the examples possibly discussed in the training
Both success and failure:



Zero to One Million by Ryan Allis

Other Resources: 

Pinterest board on Crowdfunding:

Martin Brossman’s article on How to use Social Media to help Crowdfunding: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/using-social-media-raise-money-crowdfunding-projects-martin-brossman

Casual conversation with Martin Brossman and Dan Scala about Crowdfunding:

Learn more about the course developed by Martin Brossman and Dan Scala called:
Crowdfunding and other creative ways to get money for Small Business Owners



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