Facebook Ads – Advertising on Facebook for Small Businesses

Creating Facebook Ads Resources for the Facebook Ads for Small Business Owners training
Compiled by Martin Brossman and Heather Cutchin

Facebook own training on Facebook ads:

Ad Relevance Score

The more relevant an ad is to its audience, the better it’s likely to perform. Ad relevance score makes it easier for you to understand how your ad resonates with your audience.

Reach Facebook ads area:

Video of how to set up a Facebook ad to send people directly to your website:

IsFBforMe.com – Marshall, Perry test to see if Facebook is right for you.
IsAWforMe.com – And Google paid ads version as well.

Understanding Boost Post vs Promoted post:

Facebooks %20 Grid test tool:

Facebooks help about Boost a post:

About Facebook Page Roles (what levels of authority do people have of your page):

Adding the Facebook Conversion Pixel to a WordPress site:

1) Video – Getting the Facebook Conversion Pixel to add to a Website:

2A) Add the code from Facebook in the area called “Header and Footer Script” if your WordPress Theme provides it or you use a Plugin that adds it. Explained in part from this location on this video: http://youtu.be/gAdmsw5C68M?t=2m14s

Video – Adding the Facebook Conversion Pixel to your WordPress website:

2B) Use a Plugin like “Facebook Conversion Pixel” -“Insert Facebook Conversion Pixel code into to Posts, Pages, or any other post types. Conversion tracking helps businesses measure the return on investment of their Facebook Ads by reporting on the actions people take after the ads are served.”: https://wordpress.org/plugins/facebook-conversion-pixel/
Here is a video explaining how to use this plug: http://youtu.be/iTUO35AUnKg

Conversion Pixels explained by Facebook (video):

What are the different types of admin permissions for advertising accounts and what can they do?

The above resource links support the class taught by Martin Brossman and Heather Cutchin on Facebook Ads and Insights. 

To schedule training contact Colleen Gray at Colleen@MartinBrossman.com or call 919-858-6122


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