Getting More Business with Facebook Paid Ads for Business Owners

Facebook AdsGetting More Business with Facebook Paid Ads for Business Owners by Martin Brossman

Now that Facebook is showing less and less of business pages it is time to learn the real power of Facebook ads as it has over 1.49 billion monthly users. With less than 3% of your customers seeing your post on Facebook today, it is more useful to view Facebook as a powerful paid advertising platform than a free social media site. With Facebook ads, you can display your best content in front of key customers that have clearly self-identified themselves as good customers by their interest on Facebook. You can get started with Facebook ads with as little as a few dollars per ad.

Facebook now lets you dial in your ads so you can:

  • Display an ad in front of people who are interested in your field, topic or product
  • Control where people see your ads:  on their mobile phone, their main feed, or the right site of their personal page
  • Reconnect to people that came to your website first and stay top of mind with ads
  • Upload your email list of customers and directly advertise to them on Facebook
  • Find customers similar to those of your competition and display ads to them as well

We will include how to create low-cost tests to find out which ad is more important and how to analyze the Facebook insights.

The course will provide information on creating and optimizing advertising on Facebook. A business’s proper use of advertising on Facebook will allow for increased traffic to a business website, increased sales, and increased awareness of the brand. You will boost results by utilizing the data from Facebook Insights to target your Facebook advertising.

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