Google Pay Per Click and Google Adwords Express Basics for Business Owners

Google PPC

Google Paid Per Click and Google Adwords Express Basics for Business Owners
by Martin Brossman

Everyone wants to be at the top of Google Search results for your prospective customers. Unfortunately, getting there takes some time and work. You do not just arrive. The good news is with some wise investment, you can be found by your prospective customers on Google in one day using a paid online advertising product called Google Adwords. This course will show how to set up successful, efficient, targeted campaigns on Google Adwords. The course will teach the basics of setting up successful campaign. We will cover the basics of both Google Adwords Express and Google Pay Per Click.  You will leave class knowing how to set up our own Google paid per click advertising for your business in a simple way that you can manage in-house within your business.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to setup, manage and optimize Google ads campaigns.

Course Materials: A handout and on-line resources will be made available with video tutorials.

Who is it for: This program is useful to any business owner who wants to be able to take control of their web advertising using Google paid ads.

Course Length: 3 hr.

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