How to Sell on Amazon for Business Owners

How do I sell on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon

How to Sell on Amazon for Business Owners
Selling on Amazon for Business Owners
Developed by Randy Reynolds with Martin Brossman

Course Description:
Amazon.com, it’s not just for books. Whether you are looking for a business to start, or are already in business and want to expand, Amazon is the opportunity you need to explore. In this training you will learn the basics of how to start selling on Amazon. Topics include: what you need to get started, how much it will cost, choosing your account type, what you shouldn’t sell, and how to run an online business without filling your house with stuff, or even going to the post office. There will also be some discussion of how it differs from selling on eBay and how you can make the two platforms work together.

Learning Objectives:
Understand the basic requirements to start selling on Amazon and make money. Understanding the similarities and differences of selling on Amazon vs eBay.

Course Materials: Handout and online resources found at NCSmallBusinessCenter.com

Who is it for: People that have never sold on Amazon or have sold on eBay and are looking to sell on Amazon.

Course Length: 3 hr.

Trainers and Developers: 

Randy Reynolds a former Small Business Center director who left to run his Amazon business. He has sold millions of dollars worth of products through this business while working out of his home. He also sells on Amazon’s European sites and on eBay. In addition to his Amazon business, Randy provides seller coaching services and runs an inventory sourcing service with several other sellers.

Martin Brossman is a leading authority on social media and online marketing. He is a business coach, consultant and a dynamic trainer known for his insight and humor. A member of the National Speakers Bureau, Martin is a popular speaker on social media topics. He teaches at North Carolina community college Small Business Centers throughout the state.

Interview with Randy Reynolds:

How do I sell on Amazon? with Randy Reynolds


Excerpts from the beginning of the class

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