“Mobile Marketing” – The New Direction for Engaging Customers

Mobile ReadyGetting more business for your local business capitalizing on the high use of mobile phones and tablets.  As a small business owner, you may be missing a large population of your market if you have not yet discovered the importance of being found and  looking good on a phone or a tablet.  This training will instruct you in  having a mobile web presence, using QR codes, apps and how to place and track mobile ads. If you have to spread your fingers on the screen to see a website on a mobile phone, that website is not mobile ready!. Many of your customers are now searching for you and your products through their smartphones. Will they find you or your competition that is mobile ready? This class will include free and low cost ways to embrace the power of mobile for your business.

Below is an example of a mobile presence. Scan this QR code to see the page on a smart phone or tablet using a CR code scanner or Bar-code scanner used for checking prices:

Martin Brossman and Associates

My QR code hub was created by Drake LaDue – Brand X Mobile www.brand-x-mobile.com

So how can I Scan a QR Code?

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