Social Media Management Intensive

social-media-management-graduation-classSocial Media Management Intensive 

Developed by Martin Brossman and Karen Tiede
©2016 Martin Brossman & Associates LLC and Karen Tiede

A two-day, 12 hour class about managing professional social media when it is your job to manage social media. Offering on completion a certificate of completion through Martin Brossman & Associates LLC and the school.

The 9 Phases of Social Media ManagementTopics include:

  1. Defining the perfect customer and the desired result
  2. Map1: the social media marketing space
  3. There is no “on THE internet;” there is only “on YOUR internet.”
  4. Social site characteristics
  5. Content creation and curation
  6. Improve your image(s)
  7. Tools for social media marketing
  8. Plan, policy, and managing liability
  9. Reviews & reputation
  10. Understanding the numbers
  11. Map2: how YOUR business uses the social media marketing space
  12. Review

Learning Objectives

Social Media Management Martin BrossmanParticipants who complete the class will

  • Understand how to reach their ideal customer and achieve their business goals using social media marketing.
  • Recognize the common features across all social platforms, as well as how to create, manage and distribute content on a sustainable basis.
  • See the value of images in their marketing material and know how to create better images and video.
  • Develop a preliminary social media marketing plan, including a policy identifying the voice of the business on social platforms.
  • Have an approach for soliciting reviews from customers and for responding to challenging reviews.
  • Know how to objectively evaluate the success of their marketing efforts.
  • Leave with a clear understanding of how their business can use social media marketing to achieve their business goals.
Social Media Management Intensive

Social Media Management Intensive class

On-line support resources available including on-line graduate community and 50 page printed resource guide. 


  • Fundimetament skill in using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and understanding of Instagram, Snapchat, blogging and Youtube.

Course developers and Licensure of the course. 

Martin BrossmanMartin Brossman

Martin had over 21 years experience as a small business coach and 9 years experience in consulting and teaching Social Media Marketing. He is the author of three books on Social Media, available on Amazon. Martin saw the importance of an effective on-line presence when he joined LinkedIn in 2004 and co-host a leading Social Selling podcast show for over 5 years, Linking Into Sales.

Karen TiedeKaren Tiede

Karen is a social media marketing consultant/trainer and textile artist who successfully applied social media to market her work, now teaching Social Media Marketing and Marketing with Pinterest around the state and providing social media management services to clients. Karen brings 15+ years of corporate process design and improvement experience to her work with clients.

Martin and Karen teach the 12-week Social Media Management Certificate program at NC State Technology Training Solutions. This program has been offered continuously since 2013 and more than 120 people have earned the Certificate. The material in the Intensive has tested in every iteration of the Certificate Program. ( MySocialMediaMastery.com )

Location / Cost / Dates
This is a self-supported program and requires the purchase of the workbook for each student.
Contact Colleen for pricing and availability.

Course Length: 12 hr. over 2 day with time for lunch break that will include exercizes. 

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