3-Part Marketing Success with YouTube for Small Business Owners

This is a concentrated 3-part YouTube training for Business owners optimized for in-person but capable of providing over webinars. Developed by Martin Brossman & Charles Register

Part 1: Set Up Your YouTube Channel for SUCCESS

Several of Martin Brossman’s YouTube Channels

Learn the essential elements for setting up a successful YouTube channel, including the basic functionalities and revenue generation options. With this training, you will make informed decisions before creating your channel and developing a professional-looking online presence. Avoid common mistakes when adding titles, images, text, link integration, keywords, and hashtags. Finally, learn how to confidently upload your videos and publish them on your channel. No experience using YouTube for Business is required. This 

Time: 2hr in-person or on-line 

Part 2: Shoot & Edit YouTube Videos to Get More Views/Customers

Maximize your YouTube views and attract potential customers by attending this event, which teaches you how to create engaging and high-quality videos with your smartphone and affordable technology. Learn the essential elements of YouTube videography and explore video editing tips that are vital to producing successful content. The instructor will also recommend free and affordable video editing programs, explain the hardware requirements for optimal lighting, camera, and microphone performance, and provide invaluable insights on staging, audio, and video. Gain the knowledge you need to produce professional-looking shows, from minimum to next levels, and take your YouTube content to the next level.

Time: 2hr in-person or on-line 

Part 3: Build a Following, Gain More Customers, and Increase Your Sales Potential

Learn how to turn your small business into a revenue-generating powerhouse through YouTube in this event. Discover effective strategies for promoting your channel, optimizing your videos for maximum visibility and engagement, and achieving sustainable growth through consistent content flow. Gain valuable insights from profitable channels on their keys to success and understand how YouTube can boost your business’s web presence. The event also includes a review of participants’ YouTube channels, highlighting areas for improvement and what they’re doing well.

Time: 2hr in-person or on-line 

To schedule this training, contact Colleen@MartinBrossman.com