Summer/Fall 2024- Core Curriculum for Small Business – SBCN

Summer/Fall 2024 – Listing of the top Small Business Trainings
offered by Martin Brossman & Associates, LLC

We are open to combining and extending classes! Additionally, we offer one-on-one guest counseling on any of these topics.

Contact Information: To reach me, please contact my assistant, Colleen Gray, at colleen@martinbrossman.com, or call her directly at 919-847-4757, selecting option #1 (leave your email if Colleen does not answer).

Most in-demand training!

Unlock the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Supercharge Your Small Business Operations and Marketing Success AI-Powered Business Class for Small Business Owners.
Developed by: Martin Brossman and Dr. Justin Rose
Are you a small business owner looking to level up your game and stay ahead in today’s fast-paced digital landscape? Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with the latest trends in business operations and marketing? Look no further! Our AI-Powered Business Class is here to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to harness the transformative potential of AI tools.
Click here for the complete course listing.

NEW FOR 2024!

Lunch-N-Learn – How Free AI Tools Can Help Small Business Owners
(Often offered with “Unlock the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Supercharge Your Small Business Operations and Marketing Success,” offered in the evening of the same day.)

AI-Powered Business Solutions Certificate for Small Business Owners
Fundamentals of Prompt Engineering — Developed by: Dr. Justin Rose and Martin Brossman
Full write-up: https://www.ncsmallbusinesstraining.com/ai-powered-business-solutions-certificate-for-small-business-owners/

Using Free App Canva To Create Powerful Marketing Across Digital and Traditional Platforms
Developed by: Martin Brossman and Dr. Justin Rose – See the entire write-up here: https://www.ncsmallbusinesstraining.com/using-free-canva-to-develop-marketing-and-social-media-content-online-and-offline/

“Stone Soup” Strategy: Boost Your Business Without Spending a Penny on Marketing
See the entire write-up here: https://www.ncsmallbusinesstraining.com/stone-soup-gaining-more-business-with-zero-marketing-budget/

Updated Top Series Programs

Maximize Business Success: Results-Driven Marketing Six-Part Certificate Program

Transform Your Business: Learn Proven Marketing Strategies Without Breaking the Bank!
Developed by Martin Brossman & Associates, with over 15 years of small business training experience. Powered by Martin’s innovative ‘Aikido of Marketing™’ approach. Each standalone class or full series (12 hours total) empowers you to thrive. Contact us for in-person options! See the entire write-up here:

A 4-Part Certificate Program Results-Driven Social Media & Web Marketing for Small Business Owners  (Available as a series or as individual classes.) Each in-person class is 2 hours for a total of 8 hours. Contact us for the Webinar Version. Click here to see the full write-up.

Getting Down to Business Basics Series
Popular, practical, hands-on, step-by-step, how-to, webinar-based courses from the instructor and small business consultant Jeanne Munoz on your choice of the following topics: Instagram for Business series /Content Marketing /Utilizing Google Applications for Business/Understanding Instagram Reels/ Facebook Business Pages  – Participants can earn certificates of completion. Click here to see the full write-up.

NEW: Digital Marketing Certificate Program for Small Business Owners
Developed by Martin Brossman & Associates, LLC

Introducing: Version 2.0 Co-developed by Martin Brossman & Dr. Justin Rose. Choose Your Format:

– Version 1: 4 sessions over 4 weeks, starting with a full-day in-person class followed by three 2-hour Zoom sessions.
– Version 2: 6 sessions over 6 weeks, with the first and last classes in-person and the 4 middle sessions via Zoom.

To earn a certificate, active camera participation is mandatory during all Zoom classes. Full training details are available upon request. https://www.ncsmallbusinesstraining.com/digital-marketing-for-small-business-owners-certificate-series/

Relationship Marketing, the Ground Game for Small Business Owners
A structured way to gain more customers from direct referrals and create more satisfied existing customers. Click here to see the full write-up. (Book can be included with sponsors).

It’s Raining Referrals!! How to Get More Referrals From Your Existing and Future Customers: Discover the magic formula for collecting way more happy customers than you can currently imagine.
Click here to see the full write-up. (Book can be included with sponsors).

Our Specialized Marketing Programs

Marketing with Video, Photography, Webinars, and Podcasts

New: YouTube and Video Marketing for Small Business Owners
Master YouTube for Business in just 2 hours! In-person only. Learn channel setup, revenue generation, and online presence building. Create quality videos using smartphone tech and affordable tools. Get tips on promotion and optimization for maximum engagement.

New: YouTube Academy for Small Business Owners Certificate Program
Full-Day In-Person YouTube & Video Training for Small Business Owners. Earn a Certificate of Completion. Developed by Martin Brossman, Charles Register & Dr. Justin Rose. Must Complete All Classes for Certificate. Full course writeup: https://www.ncsmallbusinesstraining.com/youtube-academy-for-small-business-owners-certificate-program/  

Announcing: 3-Part YouTube Training for Small Business Owners by Martin Brossman, Charles Register, and Jeanne Munoz. Essential guidance for starting and succeeding on YouTube. Preferably offered as in-person training. Click here for full write-up

Unlock Success with 6-Part YouTube & Video Training for Small Businesses by Martin Brossman, Charles Register, and Dr. Justin Rose. Dive deep with homework assignments and earn a Certificate of Completion. Exclusively designed for Webinar format. Click here for the full write-up.

Master Visual Marketing: Create Compelling Photos & Videos with Your Smartphone to Boost Business. Developed by Martin Brossman, Jeanne Munoz, and Charles Register. Learn composition, lighting, and sound techniques on a budget. Discover smartphone features for quality content. Explore editing tools and distribution channels. Walk away with an action checklist for maximum results. 
Click here to see the full write-up
See our video: Getting more Business with Video Using your Smartphone with Martin Brossman and Charles Register

Master Smartphone Video Editing: iPhone & Android. 2-hour Webinar or In-Person Training for Busy Business Owners. Learn to edit videos on your smartphone using free apps. Gain basic skills in cutting, editing, transitions, titles, and more. Requirement: Bring your smartphone and ensure good quality signal or WiFi for app downloads.

Unlock Customer Connections: Live Streaming and Video Conferencing Essentials. Join our 2-hour webinar or in-person session. Discover new business models post-pandemic, emphasizing live streaming and video conferencing. Learn to leverage your online presence effectively, even on a budget. Gain techniques for impactful video marketing and customer relationship building. Developed and taught by Martin Brossman and Jeanne Munoz.

Introducing: Easy Steps to Podcasting – Your Own Web-Based Radio Show for Business! Learn the basics of podcasting from your smartphone. Broadcast your message globally on platforms like iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. This class covers both audio and video podcasting. Link to the full class write-up with videos: https://www.ncsmallbusinesstraining.com/easy-steps-to-podcasting-your-own-web-based-radio-show-for-business-owners/

Podcast Editing Workshop: Hands-On with Audacity. Join our 2-hour Webinar or In-Person session. Learn to edit your podcast using the popular and free Audacity software. Master basics like integrating music, working with audio files, volume control, and more. Interface with podcast hosting services. Audacity is free and runs on various operating systems.

Directories, Your Reputation Online, and Hashtags 

NEW 2024: Getting more Business from Directors and Digital Assistants by Martin Brossman & Associates LLC – See more: https://www.ncsmallbusinesstraining.com/getting-more-business-from-directors-and-digital-assistants/

Unlock Your Business’ Potential with Google Business Profile! Join Martin Brossman and Denise Watkins for a Lunch-and-Learn or 2-hour workshop. Learn to maximize your listing’s impact, equivalent to a ¼ page ad in a print directory. Discover optimization techniques, utilize features like photos and video, and manage reviews effectively. Transform your profile into your primary online presence, even without a website. See our video, Maximizing your Google Business Profile for Small Businesses with Martin Brossman & Associates LLC

Maximizing Hashtags 4 Your Business (2 hrs.)
Are you getting the best possible results from your hashtags? Learn tips and tricks for effective use. Avoid misuse that could damage your reputation.
– How to research and choose appropriate hashtags and tools to use
– How to properly use hashtags on each Social Media platform
– How to better understand your followers by learning the hashtags that they are following

Mastering Reviews: Boost Your Business with 5-Stars and Handle 1-Star Feedback Effectively! Join our 2-hour webinar or in-person session. Learn to attract more positive reviews and handle complaints for increased business. Dive into real-world examples and interactive exercises to enhance your online reputation. Gain high-quality clients with expert reputation monitoring and enhancement training. After class, you will be able to answer these questions:

– What is your digital first impression, and how are you managing it and getting the most out of reviews online? 
– How do you gain more quality 5-star reviews and deal with the complaints online that also get you more customers?
– What do you do with someone who will not stop attacking you online?

New: Get Your Small Business Found via a Buyer’s Voice Search Device – Small business customers searching for products and services have significantly transitioned from typing in a search bar to voice-activated searches using intelligent digital assistant devices. Learn what it takes for your business to be found by Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or other Internet of Things (loT) devices to ensure you maintain your share of the market.

Updated: What is Your Digital First Impression Online and Why is It Important Click here to see the full write-up:

Industry & Business Specific Training

Marketing for Artists Series – A series of 2-hour Webinars  (Contact us for a modified in-person version). Developed and taught by Martin Brossman, Jeanne Munoz and Dr. Justin Rose –
Click here to see the full write-up

Greater Success & Profit for Your Brick and Mortar Business
Click here to see full write-up

Our Money Series

Elevate Your Marketing: Selling Online Made Easy! Join our 2-hour webinar or in-person session. Adapt to post-pandemic habits with tips on creating online stores and touch-free purchasing. Be shoppable and unstoppable with integrated strategies for success. Developed and taught by Martin Brossman and Jeanne Munoz. Don’t just return to normal—thrive in the new normal!

Make Money Online While You Sleep, but you have to be awake to start! The Internet can work for you, making money 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  When attending this seminar, you will discover multiple ways to make money online, some of which have nothing to do with selling tangible products. We will include selling content, your knowledge, products, and more. You will leave this training with an understanding of the different real-world ways people are making money online with minimum hands-on actions. 

Show Me the Money – Crowdfunding and Other Creative Ways to Get Money for Small Businesses Crowdfunding is one of many new creative ways of getting funding for small businesses. This class demystifies crowdfunding and other new ways to get money for small businesses today with a lower barrier to entry. Click here to see the full write-up.

Mastering Billing & Collection: Secure Your Payments and Client Relationships. Join our webinar to learn strategies for getting paid and working with financially sound clients. Build strong customer relationships and convey your value effectively. Ensure clear agreements, handle late payments, and set expectations for mutual satisfaction. Developed and taught by Martin Brossman & Jeanne Munoz. Contact us for an in-person version.

Empowering Small Businesses: Unlocking the World of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Non-Fungible Tokens. Join us for a 3-hour in-person and 2-hour webinar training. Learn how to accept cryptocurrency, explore possibilities and risks, and understand the resources needed to become your own bank. Discover benefits like charge-back prevention and the option for loans against cryptocurrency. Don’t miss this comprehensive training!

The Developers:
Martin Brossman – https://www.linkedin.com/in/martinbrossman/  
Noah Boswell – https://www.linkedin.com/in/noahboswell/ 
Dana Gower – https://www.linkedin.com/in/danagower/

Social Media and Digital Marketing

New!Understanding Instagram Reels – 2 hr – Learn how to use Instagram Reels including step-by-step demonstrations and instruction for capturing and creating various types of Reels to build success for your business. Click here to see the full writeup.

Updated! Wild Success in 2024: Trends and Tips for Your  Business – Join our 1 or 1.5-hour lunch and learn, or 2-hour webinar/live session. Discover key digital marketing trends to engage and retain customers, boost traffic, leads, and revenue. Gain actionable insights for a competitive edge with minimal marketing investment. Developed and taught by Martin Brossman & Jeanne Munoz.

How to Make an Impact with Social Media for Your Business – Join our 2-hour in-person seminar. Discover how customers engage with businesses online. Learn tips and tactics to leverage social media wisely and productively. Understand platform differences and harness the power of Facebook and Instagram for effective promotion. Developed & taught by Martin Brossman & Associates, LLC

Breaking News! What’s New with Instagram and Facebook That Your Business Needs to Know – Social media platforms are constantly changing and adding features. You as a business owner don’t have time to keep up with the latest information that will give you the best competitive advantage. Join us to learn how to effectively use all the new features that they offer and how to optimize your use. Participants will receive a checklist for both Facebook & Instagram to increase their business success. Developed and taught by Martin Brossman and Jeanne Munoz.  This class includes: 

– The latest on interactive content for Facebook & Instagram
– How to effectively manage your integrated accounts
– What’s changing with Messenger and Direct Messaging
– Understanding the latest in Groups and Rooms

Updated: An Introduction to Facebook and Google Ads – By Martin Brossman & Colleen Gray – 2hr webinar or In-person. Where to start with Facebook and Google Ads and spend the least amount of money. We also introduce you to the different options of ads like retargeting, the tracking pixel, and look-a-like audiences. You will leave with a solid foundation on how to start testing ads on Facebook with a little at $1 per day and Google with as little as $3 per day. This course will teach you:

– How to learn about ads that you can manage yourself on both platforms
– How you can learn as you go and not waste large amounts of money
– Which platform would connect with more of your customers/clients
– Key tips on what types of ads get good results

Websites, Chatbots & Content Marketing

Updated! Creating Landing Pages to Drive Business—Your One-Page Website –  2 hr webinar or in-person. Now more than ever, having a place online to convert sales for your business is imperative. Landing pages are single, stand-alone web pages designed to accomplish one specific task. Generate new customer leads and sales by creating a landing page for your business! You’ll be landing page savvy after this training! Click here to see the full course writeup.

Updated! Easy Online Web Design and Marketing: Build a Website that Works for Your Business! Join our training to discover how to affordably and effectively manage your website. Learn key components for driving customer traffic and supporting your business. Gain insights into necessary tools for website creation and maintenance.

Updated! Content That Convinces: Moving Your Audience to Take Action and Convert
2 hr webinar or in-person. More people than ever are online, actively searching for and consuming content. Recent surveys indicate that Internet traffic has increased by over 40%. Is your business optimizing its opportunity to connect with its current and potential customers? Developed and taught by Martin Brossman and Jeanne Munoz. Learn about:

-Current consumer mindset
-Successful marketing strategies
-Effective types of content and appropriate messaging communication
-The importance of transparency and building customer relationships now
-Tailoring content to the different phases of your customer’s journey

New: Personalized Communication Your Customers Expect – Are You Prepared? (2 hr) – Personalized marketing is the new marketing. Today’s customers demand instant, tailored communication. Are you leveraging conversational marketing tools to meet their expectations? Discover messaging, SMS, chatbots, and winning strategies to convert leads and create loyal fans. Elevate your approach and drive results!

Business Productivity and Effectiveness

Maximizing Free Google Apps & Tools for Greater Business Success – Updated! Content That Convinces: Moving Your Audience to Take Action and Convert -2 hr webinar or in-person – Developed by Martin Brossman & Jeanne Munoz. Are you getting the most out of the free Google resources to run, market, and expand your business?  This training offers the ones you need to know and how to get started. More details about this Google Training: https://www.ncsmallbusinesstraining.com/maximizing-google-free-apps-tools-for-greater-business-success/  

Getting the Most Out of Mobile Apps to Run, Manage your Business and Life – 2 hr webinar or in-person. Are you getting the most out of your mobile for your business?  This seminar will teach you the top mobile apps to be more productive in your business, communicate and reach your customers with mobile, and use effective marketing and advertising on your mobile device. This will include tools for running, maintaining, and marketing your business and your life. Most of the apps include a free version or are low-cost. Developed by Martin Brossman and Jeanne Munoz

If you don’t see a class you want, please have Colleen schedule a time for us to discuss it. We are your one-stop-shop for Digital Marketing Training with over 15 years of experience helping businesses with little or no marketing budget gain success. 

If you have other suggestions or wants, please contact Colleen Gray at colleen@martinbrossman.com