6-Part YouTube and Video Training for Small Business Success

6-Part YouTube and Video Training for Small Business Success by Martin Brossman, Charles Register, and Jeanne Munoz (12 Hours Total)

Getting More Business with YouTube Video “You Can YouTube” Webinar Series: Market You and Your Business  A 6-part series – 2 hr Webinars 

Part #1 – YouTube 101: Is YouTube a Great Fit for You or Your Business?

Instructor, marketing expert, and YouTuber, Martin Brossman, will discuss the basics of YouTube and ways it can generate revenue. The class will cover the features of YouTube and the basic setup of your channel. 

  • Why Youtube and Video
  • Key things to know to set up your channel
  • Ways of making money related to YouTube 
  • The components of Youtube 
  • What you need to decide before setting up your channel

Part #2 – Setup Your YouTube Channel for SUCCESS

This live webinar will help you build a professional-looking YouTube channel. The tips covered in this class will help you avoid novice mistakes with tips related to adding images, text, and links to engage potential viewers. We will also learn how to upload a video and complete the publishing process.

  • Top Mistake in titling and text of YouTube 
  • Getting your content including text and images on your YouTube channel so it will attract business
  • What you need so you are ready to promote the channel
  • Sizing the banner
  • Uploading and publishing a video

Part #3 – How to Shoot a YouTube Video that Gets More Views/Customers

This class will help you create and shoot videos that engage viewers and lead them to your business. Instructor Martin Brossman will go over key elements essential to YouTube videography. 

  • What are the minimum and next levels needed to produce shows
  • Key contents on staging, audio, and video
  • Titles and how to grab them!
  • Lights, Camera, Microphone and Action 

Part #4 – Video Editing to Reach More Viewers and Potential Customers 

Video editing is key to producing quality YouTube content. This class will cover the fundamentals of video editing and recommend the instructor’s picks for video editing programs.

  • Key skills to learn about editing
  • Fundamental editors that are free or affordable
  • What hardware you need
  • Where to start and know you have a good video 

Part #5 – YouTube Tips for Small Businesses

YouTube is a revenue generator for small business owners. This class will impart tips for maximizing the success of your business YouTube channel. The instructor will also discuss how YouTube can be used to boost the overall web presence of your business.

  • Driving customers to your YouTube channel and growing your followers
  • Different ways to promote your channel
  • How to repurpose your video on other locations that all drive customers

Part #6 – Strategies to Earn Money as a YouTube STAR! 

Start your own business as a YouTuber! This live webinar will explore ways to earn money on YouTube. The class will cover monetization of your YouTube channel, success stories, and earnings potential. Register here:

  • Details of what is needed to monetize on your channel
  • Examples of profitable YouTube channels and what they did to be successful 
  • How to gain multiple payoffs on your journey with Youtube 
  • Reviewing questions and working with up to 3 participants from the series to evaluate what they are doing well on their YouTube business channel and suggestions for gaining greater success.