Beyond Ordinary Networking for Small Business Owners

Martin Brossman with a networking groupBeyond Ordinary Networking
By Martin Brossman

Learn the strategies of the most effective networkers—how to build successful relationships on and off the web, how to avoid unproductive relationships, and how to deal with negative situations. Discover how to create an active network that will support the growth of your business far into the future.

You will develop your own unique networking identity, discussing topics such as:
– What type of digital 1st impression am I making and how to enhance it?
– Who am I that others would want to know me? Who do I need to meet?
– Who should I steer clear of? Am I taking care of others in a way that promotes a future with them? Where are my offers low-cost and where my offers high-cost?
– How do I make genuine assessments of my value?
– How do I deal with and address reputation attacks online?

Join us for this engaging class by the expert on building a network for business and life, Martin Brossman. Often referred to as the “Gateway to the Research Triangle area”. has been teaching and living business networking since he left IBM in 1995. He has build is business and reputation on it. Just Google his name, “Martin Brossman”