Easy Steps to Podcasting – Your own Web-Based Radio Show for Business Owners

Updated: Easy Steps to Podcasting – Your Own Web-Based Radio Show for Business Owners

Developed by Martin Brossman, Andres Quintana, Dr. Justin Rose and Charles Register

This class is an introduction to the world of podcasting, teaching you the basics of getting started with as little as a smartphone!. You will learn to podcast online from your home or office so your message can be heard locally or around the world on iTunes Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, and many more. Now including YouTube Video Podcast!

We do a live demonstration in class and showcase different microphones and devices the participants can touch.  

Learning Objectives:

– Understanding the hardware, software, and web components of a podcast.

– Knowing the minimum to optimum components to record, edit, and produce a podcast. 

– Exploring the top technical challenges you need to overcome for a successful show

-Understanding podcast hosting and distribution 

– How to quickly get your podcast going minimally with a smartphone

– Finding ways to gain value and revenue from your podcast show.

– Discovering communities to join that will support you 

Class Materials:

Printed and online documents and resources

Who is it for:

This is relevant to entrepreneurs and business owners.  

Class Length: 2 hr.

Video: What is Podcasting?   

Martin Brossman explains what Podcasting is

Video from a participant in this class:

Someone was right after Martin’s live Podcasting class sharing her experience

What people say about the class: 

I took the class because I saw it as an opportunity to learn about something I knew nothing about but knew it could be potentially great for myself as well as my business. I love that the class gave info on all aspects of podcasting. 

– Jauntel MsCsi Hood


Awesome class, Martin! So much good information in there… respect! What a wonderful way to encourage us, newbies, to keep going, no matter what.

 – Tom Davis

Fantastic class today, Martin!! Another informative, entertaining MB class! Never disappointed! Can’t wait to go through the slides and really digest the info and get started, I have an idea for a podcast concept percolating!️

– Nadine Naujoks

Highly informative and insightful class.  What I found most useful is how simplistic this podcast journey truly can be. Now to find my niche

– Brandon Moore

That was an excellent and jam-packed class, with great step-by-step how-tos!! Looking forward to putting it all into practice. Always love your coaching Martin!

– Janet Wooley Sciacca

Speaker: Martin Brossman is a leading authority on online digital marketing. He is a business coach, consultant, and dynamic trainer.  A member of the National Speakers Bureau, Martin is a popular speaker on marketing topics. He teaches at North Carolina community college Small Business Centers throughout the state.

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