Getting Down to Business Basics Series

Getting Down to Business Basics Series – These practical sessions require hands-on participation on the participants’ computers or cell phones. Participants leave class with a firm understanding of how to use the applications to improve their marketing. Handouts included. Each session could be taken individually or as a series to build towards a Fundamentals of Marketing certificate. Classes developed and taught by Jeanne Munoz with Martin Brossman

Jeanne Munoz has years of successful experience teaching and training others how to use digital applications through clear step-by-step instructions and examples.

Fundamentals of Instagram Marketing

Introduction to Instagram-Learn the basics of Instagram use. Become familiar with the features and interface.

  1. Instagram Views-navigating Instagram
  2. Activity Feed
  3. Direct Messaging
  4. Your Ultimate Bio
  5. Settings
  6. Posts
  7. Captions
  8. Hashtags
  9. Highlights
  10. Instagram Engagement
  11. Insights
  12. What’s new

Creating with  Instagram – Creating and marketing with Instagram Stories, Reels, and Video.

  1. Ways to create content on Instagram: Stories, Reels, video, Live video
  2. Getting familiar with using the menus, toolbars, features, and functions in Stories and Reels
  3. Publishing options
  4. Tips and tricks
  5. How to go Live on Instagram
  6. Creating and uploading video
  7. Making your content searchable and engaging
  8. Sharing on Instagram

Strategies for Using Instagram for Business – Developing your reach and marketing with Instagram tools.

  1. Applying Marketing Strategies
  2. Growing Your Instagram Business Account
  3. Adding Followers
  4. Understanding the Algorithms
  5. Hashtag and Messaging Techniques
  6. Setting Up Shop
  7. Improving Engagement
  8. Measuring Progress
  9. Promoting a Post

Tips and Tools for Instagram – Best practices, add-on tools for creating, editing, and managing posts.

  1. Tools for Creating in Instagram
    1. For optimizing your Bio and captions
    2. Templates for branding
    3. Perfecting your profile image
  2. Tools for Editing
  3. Tool for Managing
  4. “How do they do that?”
    1. Carousel posts and multiple page Stories
    2. Fun font effects
    3. Using stickers
    4. Background effects
  5. How to  tips for creating Stories and Reels
    1. Timing text in Reels
    2. Adding captions in Stories
    3. Adding music in Stories and Reels
    4. Hiding Hashtags in Stories
    5. Transitions in Reels
    6. Using mockups
    7. Using the green screen
  6. Review of Instagram tools

(Completion of all four sessions- we  offer a certificate on Fundamentals of Instagram Marketing) 

Fundamentals of Content Marketing for Business

Introduction to Content Marketing-What is it, why does it matter, strategies, best platforms, and timing for your audience, curation, content creation

Tips and Tools for Content Marketing-Best practices, tools for social listening, content aggregation, curation, editing, and creation.

Creating a Content Calendar-What is this? How to generate content. Ideas for content. Tools for calendar creation and special calendar resources. Begin creating your calendar.

Visual Marketing Content– What is visual marketing? Tools and tips for creating and editing visual content: images, video, live video, infographics.

Fundamentals of Marketing for Business

Using Canva for Graphic Design of Your Content – Canva is a popular tool for creating visual content for social media and for the graphic design of both print and digital materials. Learn how to use the free version. Students will practice creating.

Creating Infographics – Infographics are a popular way to visually display information, especially data. Learn about how to create an infographic and the free tools that are available. Students will practice creating an infographic.

Google Meet for Online Meetings– Many businesses are using Google applications for their business. Learn how to leverage Google Meet to communicate for your business.

Google Drive for Business – Google offers a variety of free, integrated productivity tools. Learn how to use each of these to enhance your business operations. Each session is a two-hour class.

  • Getting Started with Email and Calendars-optimize your accounts for more efficient use.
  • Organizing Google Drive and Docs for Optimal Use
  • Creating Google Docs
  • Creating Google Spreadsheets
  • Creating Google Presentations
  • Creating Google Forms
  • Creating Google Sites

Fundamentals of Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Basics- Participants will gain an understanding of how to effectively use Facebook to market their business.

  • Setting Up a Business Account
  • Branding your page.
  • Optimizing the Settings for Your Business
  • Choosing the Right Template
  • Organizing Your Tabs
  • Creating the Content
  • Exploring various types of posts and additional features
  • Using Business Manager, Business Suite, and Creator Studio to manage and publish
  • Groups and Rooms 
  • Strategies for successful Facebook marketing

Understanding Instagram Reels 

Learn how to use Instagram Reels including step-by-step instructions for capturing and creating various types of Reels to build success for your business. Tips and tricks plus ideas for a variety of Reel video types. 

  • The Instagram family of video content: Stories, Video, Live videos and Reels
  • Why use Reels?
  • About the Instagram algorithm and the importance of Instagram engagement
  • Ideas for four families of Reels
  • The Anatomy of a Reel
  • How to create Reel-filters, stickers, text, music, voice recording
  • Editing tools-audio, length, speed, layout, timer
  • Editing video clips in Reels
  • Adding new filters and music to your app
  • Remixing a Reel
  • Using the green screen filter
  • Timing text
  • Action transitions
  • Creating successful Reels
  • Third-party tools
  • Using Insights to understand Reel performance
  • What’s new
  • How to get more followers

Participants should have an Instagram account installed on their smartphone and understand the basics of using Instagram to be most successful in this class.

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