Getting more Business from Directories and Digital Assistants

Getting more Business from Directories and Digital Assistants
by Martin Brossman, Denise Watkins, Dr. Justin Rose
Time: 2 hr in-person training (may be modified for a webinar)

More customers have greater Ad blindness than ever before. People like to buy but not be sold to, and they are seeking both reviews and using more digital assistants like Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home to find businesses. This training shows you how to evaluate your current presence on directories and be optimized for digital assistants. Are you missing out on new customers and more business by not optimizing your free listing? Discover what is possible when you optimize your Google Maps Business listing correctly. We will show you how to optimize your directory listing, including the updated Google Business Profile. Learn to take advantage of all the features, including photos, content, and video. You will also understand how to drive authentic positive reviews and what to do with negative or fake reviews. Even learn how to use your Google Business Profile as your 1st website if you don’t have one. Your customers are using all types of digital assistants today to find business. Are you optimized for Voice Search Device? Learn what it takes for your business to be found by Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or other Internet of Things (loT) devices to ensure you maintain your market share.

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