Greater Success & Profit for Your Brick and Mortar Business

Course Title: Greater Success & Profit for Your Brick and Mortar Business  

Developed by: Martin Brossaman and Dr Justin Rose

Course Description: Greater Success & Profit for Your Brick and Mortar Business is a course designed for business owners, managers, and marketers who are looking to drive more foot traffic to their physical stores. How do you get more people off the web and their phones and into your store? The needs of Brick and Morter businesses, where anyone can come into your store, are different from other businesses. This course focuses on ways Brick and Morter’s business can thrive and prosper in this digital world. 


– Optimizing your customer’s experience to attract the right customers

– Developing the right culture to attract and retain employees

– Tips on collaborations that will bring you more business by the way you work with other businesses in your area

– Staging and merchandising your products

– Minimizing “inventory shrinking” (shoplifting) 

– Considerations when it comes to also selling online

– Updating free online resources to attract customers

– Developing your content strategy that is sustainable and gains results

– How to keep your customers connected online and coming back 

– How to integrate habits that will create the possibility of selling your business one day

– Keeping that competitive edge and developing systems 

Course Length: 2 hr. Trainers and Developers Martin Brossman & Dr. Justin Rose. Contact Colleen@MartinBrossman.com to schedule this training.