Relationship Marketing the Ground Game for Small Businesses 

Course Title:  Relationship Marketing the Ground Game for Small Businesses

Developed by:  Martin Brossman and Pat Howlett

Course Description: 

How to earn and maintain a steady flow of referrals to build and expand your business. Real relationship marketing is the foundation for building and expanding your business. It maximizes your social media and online presence.

We love to buy but hate to be sold to. We love to recommend great places that help our friends but don’t like to be strong-armed. We love knowing we made a difference in someone else’s life but don’t want to be used. This is what real relationship marketing is about. It is the foundation to build on. It maximizes your social media and online presence. It gives you a fierce competitive advantage. This training teaches you how to have an ongoing flow of referrals. If you ask the most successful businesses where they got their business from, a common answer is “referrals” but what specifically do they mean? What is the process of consistently getting referrals that ongoingly lead to more business? In the classroom training, we will have activities and exercises to practice the skill taught in the class. 

*If you are paying for referrals, it is paid marketing, not relationship marketing. 

Learning Objectives: 
How to develop the skills and habits that dive the right type of referrals 
You will leave with the specific how-to to get more and higher quality referrals

Course Materials: 
Handout supported with online resources. 

Who is it for:
Professionals and Small Business Owners

Course Length: 3hr 

What people say about the training: 

Martin Brossman is teaching the art of Relationship Marketing. By making relationship building part of your marketing plan you will develop a network of supporters and raving fans as the foundation of your business. This class provides an actionable path forward, even if it moves you out of your comfort zone!  – Jane Maulucci

I love the part on asking for referrals because I never do this and would never have thought of it!! I had never thought of using existing or potential customers to get more new customers!! Martin’s tips are practical and if you implement them in real world situations, you can see a growth in business. – Davina Ray 

No matter the size of your business, Relationship Marketing will grow your business & confidence, when put into practice. Martin Brossman delivers a personal touch with exceptional training. -Debra Hoover – Spotted Dots 

Relationship Marketing provides you with a structured Word of Mouth campaign.  Referrals are the lifeline of any business.  Learn to be confident in your approach and appeal requesting your customers for referrals. Martin Brossman always delivers the best education for entrepreneurs.   – Denise Watkins, Skyvue Skateland 

About Martin Brossman:

Martin Brossman is a leading authority on digital and on-the-ground networking and marketing. He is a business coach, consultant and a dynamic trainer known for his insight and humor. A member of the National Speakers Bureau, Martin is a popular speaker on online marketing topics. He has been a presenter at North Carolina community college Small Business Centers and Chambers of Commerce venues throughout the state since 2006.

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