Results-Driven Small Business Marketing   

Small Business Marketing Six-Part Certificate Program

-Available as a series or as individual classes
-Can be offered as webinars or live instruction
Developed by Martin Brossman & Jeanne Munoz

Results-Driven Small Business Marketing:   

How to Get Better Customers, Make More Money & Stay Fiercely Competitive 

This series has been developed by Martin Brossman & Associates after over 15 years of training small and micro businesses in NC on how to market with little or no marketing budget. It is powered by Martin Brossman’s “Aikido of Marketing™” approach. Each class can stand alone or be part of a full series.
(Series: a total of 12 hours)

1) Maximize Your Competitive Advantage as a Small Business – Honing your “Only” (2 hr as a Webinar or In-person class)

Learn how to evaluate what makes your product or service have the highest demand for customers that pay well and you enjoy working with. Refining how to fill a clear need that the right customers will value, recommend and promote. 

This training will include:

-Gaining greater focus on your unique in-demand offering

-Mapping out what you are offering that is in demand for the correct customer

-How to take the next steps and set yourself up to win! 

2) Building a Powerful Ground Game for your Business Success!
(2 hr as a Webinar or In-person class)

How to get your best customers to refer you to 1 to 3 new customers and become raving fans. We cover the anatomy of effective referral and relationship marketing that drives more business. 

This training will include:

-How to give a higher value for less work that gets your customers to refer you more!

-Understand how to ask for referrals that are profoundly respectful of your customers.

-A structure for discovering and communicating your highest value to the customers.

3) Building the Right Web Presence to Support the Continual Growth of Your Business. (2 hr as a Webinar or In-person class)

How to set priorities on the right expansion of your web presence to support your ground game and attract the customers that provide you the highest value.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd priority for building your online presence. We address directories, websites, social media, videos, and more. 

This training will include:

-Mapping your customer’s journey to you

-Understanding which web presence is right for you

-What next action you need to take that is within your budget and capacity

4) Using the Right Social Media and Directories to Gain Business

(2 hr as a Webinar or In-person class)

What you need to know about each of the social media platforms and directories to gain the most from them. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more are addressed in this training. 

This training will include:

-What you need to know about which social media platforms enable you to invest your time wisely

-Beginning your content marketing channel in a sustainable way

-A process to organically collect relevant content

5) Choosing the Right Online Paid Marketing to Drive Sales
(2 hr as a Webinar or In-person class)

Creating paid ads in the right place on a tight budget to gain results. How you track your online success and adjust to improve performance. We primarily focus on Facebook and Google to explain the concepts that apply to others. 

This training will include:

-What you need to know about “bidding” on ads 

-The components of an effective ad and ad campaign-

-Where to start and learn at minimum risk

6) Growing a Sustainable Business of Increasing Value
(2 hr as a Webinar or In-person class)

Building your value, brand, and reputation in a changing world that is responsive and adaptive. How to anticipate the next product or service before your customers realize they need it. Keys to expansion, growth, responsiveness, and deepening the equity in the business. Ways to expand your income streams. 

This training will include:

– Enhancing your reputation 

– Dealing with challenges and negative reviews

– Reevaluating your customer persona, marketing plan, and new offerings