Results-Driven Social Media & Web Marketing for Small Business Owners 4-Part Series

By Martin Brossman, Jeanne Munoz & Colleen Gray- NCSmallBusinessTraining.com
See the video (which can be used for marketing) https://youtu.be/i3won0eCndk  

If they come to all classes, they get the certificate of completion. 

Concepts to cover:  

Session I: Understanding the right online presence for your business success – The big overview! 

  • Who is your customer that brings in your greatest payoff
  • Why focus on Social Media and Your Web reputation 
  • How the world has changed in marketing (Narrowcasting, not broadcasting, education, not just interruptions) – what are you blocking, and what are you letting in?
  • Creating the right “ground game” to support your “web presence”.
  • Customers are doing more research before buying, better be there early
  • The importance of secondary verification (Reviews) – Quick look at incognito and reviews
  • A quick overview of all social platforms – Each Social Platform and its key uses –
    • LinkedIn is B to B and YOUR professional profile. Best where individuals sell the business. 
    • Facebook is B to C and why, Paid and Customer service – They will only see your content if you have content they want to seek out.
    • Twitter – The world, the media and connections. Can search all of it!  Also breaking news both true and false. 
    • Instagram Photos, video, graphics with text (B to B and B to C) Largest age group. Constant new photos. Hashtags important.
    • Pinterest – Photos people want to collect -Boards. 
    • Snapchat – is a communication tool. It is a conversational app.
    • Tik-Tok – a short-form video hosting and engagement service. 
    • YouTube – Video that people would search for.
    • Blogs – content people want; linking makes your website more relevant.
    • Following class is the deep dive
  • Ongoing compelling stories, information, and education – How to waste time and resources on social by just pushing out your product, ads & announcements. 
  • What is your “value proposition” the competitive advantage of your product or service?
  • Identifying your customer persona, your business persona (brand), and your buyer’s journey so you are on the right locations with the right content.
  • What are your customer personas and what is your brand persona? 
  • Mapping out the Buyer’s journey.

Session 2: Understanding the different social media platforms and web locations, so you know which is right for you – Build Your Plan! The Deep Dive! 

  • A deep dive into each of the major Social Media Platforms and a way to market online – What is the right one for your business including Phase I, 2, 3
  • Similarities and differences of all platforms. 
  • Terms of operation; what will get you in trouble. 
  • Minimizing liability risk. 
  • Building your content feed! 
  • Social Media Scheduling & Posting Tools – Hootsuite, Buffer
  • Building the right marketing plan for your business! 
  • Easy and Affordable Websites 

Session 3: Getting ongoing results for social media – Keeping it Going and Growing!

  • Building a marketing and social media schedule 
  • Plan and policy for Social Media
  • Managing it all with a business schedule
  • Customer service and creating raving fans.
  • Getting more 5-star reviews and dealing with the 1-star ones
  • Creating, collecting, and curating relevant content that drives sales
    • Listening to your clients and what they are asking
  • Photos and video to drive sales, and live-streaming
    • Stories, Tools for creating your own visuals 
      (Animoto, PicMonkey, Canva, Snagit, Stencil, Giphy)
  • Building your content flow! 
  • Useful Apps for managing your business

Session 4: Integrating it all and the right use of paid ads online – Using Paid Ads right that work! 

  • Fundamentals of Facebook paid ads and Google paid ads
  • Analytics on each platform: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Google Analytics 
  • Getting on the directories and how to find out which you need to be on – After, setting up Verified FB, Verified Google Maps, and Yelp, then pay Moz Local
  • Staying connected to your Customer – Content. 
  • Key items on email marketing and integration
  • Anticipating the next market and what your customers will buy next; Building a way to adapt and change.  
  • Keeping score – Monitoring your reputation online (Google alerts)
  • Team communication and sharing of content. (Drive, Slack)
  • Review and graduation! 

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Martin Brossman

Video of Martin Brossman talking about the class: https://youtu.be/9IQuw4q8pZc 

Marketing write-up for the school to promote:

Results-Driven Social Media & Web Marketing
for Small Business Owners
Presented by Martin Brossman & Jeanne Munoz  

An 8 hour Intensive Program
Attend all 8 hours and receive a Certificate of Completion

Learn how to create, analyze, monitor, and manage the best of social media and discover the web marketing choices that can multiply your results!

Session I: Targeting the right online presence for business success

Session 2: Understanding the major social media platforms 

Session 3: Achieving ongoing positive results from social media 

Session 4:  Maximizing paid ads online, and integrating it all