Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners – Series

September 15th, 2013 | Posted by martinbrossman in multi-class Training

Social-Media-Marketing-Martin-BrossmanSocial Media Marketing for Small Business Owners – Series
with Martin Brossman

Four 3-hour classes which may be taken separately, or as a complete series as a Core Competency Certificate Program*

▪ Results-Driven Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners
This class introduces the fundamentals of core competency in the set up of major Social Media platforms and how they are to be correctly used. You will determine what is appropriate for your business, which platforms to use first, in the future, and which not to use for your business. Areas of focus include:   set up of accounts; populating base accounts; establishing a content distribution system, including photos, graphics and video; and maximizing keywords and online directories.

▪The Primary Tools of Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners
Increasing core competency
in the use of major Social Media platforms and online directories, this class presents the fundamentals of Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Maps and other online directories. Proper use of directories, which are vital for mobile marketing, will be covered in-depth:  how to claim your free listings, how to correct any existing errors in directories, and how to enhance your presence with text and photos at no cost. This overview will help you target areas of concentration for implementing successful social media marketing efforts.

▪The Secondary Tools of Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners
Build additional core competency
in the application of some of the most popular platforms and tools which augment and support small business Social Media programs, including:  Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, SurveyMonkey, MailChimp, and Etsy.  You will learn the basics of photo sharing, blogs , email marketing, online surveys and shopping cart programs.  The benefit of applying these secondary tools is generating a stronger Web presence that enhances your business brand.

▪Tracking Social Media Marketing Results & Return on Investment for Business Owners
Advance your core competency skills
by understanding how to analyze and evaluate your Social Media results.  You will learn how to monitor analytics and insights for adjustments, and how to evaluate and adjust for optimum conversion.  Engagement with content and secondary validation—vital components for measuring ROI—are highlighted.  You will come away with a plan for ongoing reputation monitoring and, if needed, knowledge to counteract online negativity with a positive Web presence.

Call Colleen Gray to schedule the class today: (919) 858-6122 – or email her.

*Certificate provided by Chamber or School in partnership with Martin Brossman&Associates.
Special thanks to Daniel K. Farmer for his input on this course. 

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