Summer-Fall 2022- Core Curriculum for Small Business – SBCN

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Additionally, we offer one-on-one guest counseling on any of these topics.
2022 Update on What to focus on for Small Businesses this year!  https://youtu.be/D-3Rf133wZY 

Contact Information: To reach me please contact my assistant Colleen Gray at colleen@martinbrossman.com or call her directly at 919-847-4757, select option #1 (leave your email if you call and Colleen does not answer).

Updated Top Series Programs

Small Business Marketing Six-Part Certificate Program – Webinar
Results-Driven Small Business Marketing:   

How to Get Better Customers, Make More Money & Stay Fiercely Competitive 

This series has been developed by Martin Brossman & Associates over 15 years of training small and micro businesses in NC on how to market with little or no marketing budget. It is powered by Martin Brossman’s “Aikido of Marketing™” approach. Each class can stand alone or be part of a full series. (Series: a total of 18 hours for in-person; 12 hours for Webinars) Contact us for an In-Person Version.
See the entire write up here:

A 4-Part Certificate Program (3-hour classes – total of 12 hours) – In Person 

Results-Driven Social Media & Web Marketing for Small Business Owners 

(Available as a Series or as individual classes.) Contact us for Webinar Version.


Getting Down to Business Basics Series
Popular, practical, hands-on, step by step, how-to, webinar-based courses from the instructor and small business consultant Jeanne Munoz on your choice of the following topics: Instagram for Business series /Content Marketing /Utilizing Google Applications for Business/Understanding Instagram Reels/ Facebook Business Pages  – See link for full descriptions

Participants earn certificates of completion.


Relationship Marketing, the Ground Game for Small Business Owners
A structured way to gain more customers from direct referrals that creates more satisfied existing customers. 

See the class writeup here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BmOrU4ZdfUYxRFNni5bHP4H5dyImXc7xh6nz3syDc3Y/edit?usp=sharing 

Our Specialized Marketing Programs

Marketing with Video, Photography, Webinars, and Podcasts

YouTube and Video Marketing for Small Business  – A 2-hour Webinar or 3-hour Live Class.  With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, it is critical to know how to maximize its use to promote your small business. By Martin Brossman, Charles Register, and Jeanne Munoz

In this class we will walkthrough:

  • How to set your YouTube channel up to be found by your customers and how to get your customers to take the next desirable action.
  • All the key components of your YouTube channel and how to optimize it to increase business and reduce liability risk.
  • All the key components of recording video for YouTube.
  • What it takes to make money from your YouTube channel with real-world examples.
  • How to keep the YouTube police from shutting down your channel. 
  • How to use keywords, questions, and hashtags correctly.

All that is needed to get started is the camera built into your laptop, and internet access.

The developer of the class, Martin Brossman, has seven unique YouTube channels and over 1,000 subscribers. Charles Register is a professional photographer and videographer with over 35 years of experience and Jeanne Munoz is a brilliant internet marketing consultant keeping up with the latest and greatest changes in the industry.

6-Part YouTube and Video Training for Small Business Success by Martin Brossman, Charles Register, and Jeanne Munoz – This is a deep dive over multiple sessions where businesses complete homework and can receive a Certificate of completion. (Designed for Webinar contact us for a condensed in-person version) Click here for more information:

Creating Marketing Photos & Video with Your Smartphone to Get More Business

Capture your customer’s attention and inspire them to take the next step toward buying your product or service with compelling photo and video content. We address the Why, What, How, and Where of visual marketing with photos and video on a shoestring budget. Learn about what to capture, techniques for composition, lighting and sound. Examine the features on your smartphone to get the best quality photos and video. Understand simple editing and free or low-cost tools.  Explore the various channels to distribute your visual content. You will walk away with a checklist of actions to get the maximum results from this class. 

  • This was developed by Martin Brossman, Jeanne Munoz, and Charles Register (professional photographer/videographer) 

More info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aysTuUwutYTrMtz_rUr9ueXstbpeAW5J0XS24RXzqrw/edit?usp=sharing

Live Streaming and Video Conferencing to Connect to Customers Now and in the Future-

2 hr webinar or 3 hrs. in person 

New business models are emerging from the pandemic closures including communication through live streaming and video conferencing tools. Customers are becoming accustomed to seeing videos first before engaging in person or online. In a small and micro business, YOU are the competitive advantage of your business. How are you showing up online in video? We will cover the ways to get video online, how to look good, and sound good without fancy tools and high expenses.  Learn techniques for using video conferencing as a marketing tool and to build customer relationships. 

Developed and taught by Martin Brossman and Jeanne Munoz 

Easy Steps to Podcasting – Your Own Web-Based Radio Show for Business  

Welcome to the second golden age of podcasting. This course is an introduction to the world of podcasting. This course will teach you the basics of getting started with podcasting. You will learn about the basic hardware and software requirements for recording and editing your podcast. How to get going fast and communities to join that will support you. 

Directories, Your Reputation online, and Hashtags 

Maximizing Your Google Maps Small Business Profile Listing!

By Martin Brossman and Jeanne Munoz 

Designed as a lunch-and-learn, or up to a 3-hr workshop

Are you missing out on new customers and more business by not claiming and enriching your Google Business Profile (formerly called “Google My Business”) listing? Discover what is possible when you optimize your Google Maps Business listing correctly. This is equivalent to a ¼ page ad in a print business directory. We will show you how to optimize your page and how to take advantage of all the features including photos, content, and video. You will also understand how to drive authentic positive reviews and what to do with negative or fake reviews. Even learn how to use Google Maps as your 1st website if you don’t have a website with a real www domain.

Maximizing Hashtags 4 Your Business (1-1.5 hrs.)

Are you getting the best possible results from your hashtags? Learn tips and tricks for effective use. Avoid misuse that could damage your reputation.

  • How to research and choose appropriate hashtags and tools to use
  • How to properly use hashtags on each Social Media platform
  • How to better understand your followers by learning the hashtags that they are following

Getting more 5 Star reviews and dealing with 1 Star reviews – How to get more business with both! (1.5hr webinar and 3hr in-person)

Receiving, managing, monitoring, and responding to reviews is critical to support your ground game of marketing. This course will show you how to gain more high reviews, and manage complaints online in a way that will both lead to more real business. This interactive class will work with real-world examples to walk you through the steps of managing and enhancing your online reputation. 

We will answer these questions in this training:

  • What is your digital first impression, how are you managing it and getting the most out of reviews online? 
  • How do you gain more quality 5-star reviews and deal with the complaints online that also get you more customers? 
  • What do you do with someone that will not stop attacking you online? 

This is reputation monitoring and enhancement training that will get you high-quality clients. 

Updated: What is Your Digital First Impression Online and Why is It Important

Industry-Specific Training

Marketing for Artists Series – A series of 2-hour Webinars  (Contact us for a modified in-person version)

Developed and taught by Martin Brossman and Jeanne Munoz – Click here to see the series https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bgk4FJgvBhw1dzrHwIX5CcPuHBwcizJvTBi-oc570Os/edit?usp=sharing  

Our Money Series

New: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Non Fungible Tokens – How To Become Your Own Bank – What Small Businesses Need to Know.  Developed by Martin Brossman & Noah Boswell – 3hr in person and 2hr over webinar/meeting.

This is a powerful educational training tailored for Small businesses on understanding Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Non Fungible Tokens. How could you accept cryptocurrency today as a business? What are the possibilities and risks?  What resources you will need to become your own bank. Support using Cryptocurrency. With Cryptocurrency there is no more chargeback. You can choose to offer a refund but it will not be forced on you. Did you know you can get loans against Cryptocurrency? This and much more is covered in this training. 

The presenters:
Martin Brossman – https://www.linkedin.com/in/martinbrossman/ 

Noah Boswell – https://www.linkedin.com/in/noahboswell/ 

Ways to Ramp Up Your Marketing and Sell Your Products and Services Online – 2-hr webinar; or 3 hrs. in-person.

The pandemic has created new habits in your customers that include being more willing to purchase online. We will cover ways to create an online store and how to offer touch-free purchases for your products.  Become shoppable and unstoppable! This class integrates on the ground and on the web approaches. This is not just getting back to normal, it’s adapting and succeeding in the new normal.  

Developed and taught by Martin Brossman and Jeanne Munoz 

Making Money Online While You Sleep, but you have to be awake to start!  

The Internet can work for you making money 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  When attending this seminar, you will discover multiple ways to make money online, some of which have nothing to do with selling tangible products. We will include selling content, your knowledge, products, and more. You will leave this training with an understanding of different real-world ways people are making money online with minimum hands-on actions. 

Show Me the Money – Crowdfunding and Other Creative Ways to Get Money for Small Business Crowdfunding is one of many new creative ways of getting funding for small businesses. This class demystifies crowdfunding and other new ways to get money for small business today with a lower barrier to entry.

How to Bill & Collect for Your Services

In this webinar we will cover ways to ensure you get paid for your services, as well as strategies to make sure you are working with clients that can afford you. 

Building good customer relationships and communicating your value throughout the customer interaction are key. We will show you how to have a clear agreement upfront with the right balance of deposit and payments. Strategies for responding to late or non-payment will be shared.

We will also cover setting and maintaining clear expectations along with confirming they are met. Your goal is not to exceed expectations but to deliver exact expectations that yield both payments and referrals.

Speaker(s): M. Brossman & J. Munoz

Social Media and Digital Marketing


Understanding Instagram Reels 

2-3 hrs. Learn how to use Instagram Reels including step by step demonstration/ instruction for capturing and creating various types of Reels to build success for your business.Tips and tricks plus ideas for a variety of Reel video types. 

  • The Instagram family of video content: Stories, Video, Live  video and Reels
  • Why use Reels?
  • About the Instagram algorithm and the importance of Instagram engagment
  • Content Ideas for four families of Reels
  • The anatomy of a Reel
  • How to create a Reel-filters, stickers, text, music, voice recording
  • Editing tools-audio, length, speed, layout,timer
  • Editing video clips in Reels
  • Adding new filters and music to your app
  • Remixing a Reel
  • Using the green screen filter
  • Timing text
  • Action transitions
  • The various types of Reels found on Instagram
  • What’s trending?
  • Creating successful Reels
  • Third party tools
  • Using Insights to understand Reel performance
  • What’s new
  • How to get more followers

Participants should have an Instagram account installed on their smartphone and understand the basics of using Instagram to be most successful in this class.

Updated! Wild Success in 2022: Trends and Tips for Your  Business

1 or 1.5 hour lunch and learn webinar or live session
What are the key digital marketing trends you should consider to engage and retain current customers and generate more traffic, leads, and revenue? This training covers where you should put your time and attention for greater success in 2022 as a small business owner. We offer a review of what has worked in the past as well as trends and projections for future profitability. Participants will gain insights into specific, actionable, marketing solutions to encourage increased sales and have a fierce competitive advantage with little or no marketing dollars as they move to the next level.
Speaker(s): Martin Brossman & Jeanne Munoz

How to make an Impact with Social Media for Your Business 

2hr Webinar or 3 hr in person

Learn how to create success for your business with social media.  Customers travel 70-80% of their buyer’s journey before making contact with a business. How are they learning about you? Small business owner can use their online knowledge to grow their business and take it to the next level. This seminar will provide tips and tactics to use social media wisely and productively. Learn the similarities and differences of the various social media platforms. Using Facebook and Instagram as more detailed examples, we will help you to understand how to best promote your business on social media.

Speaker(s): Martin Brossman & Jeanne Munoz

Breaking News! What’s New with Instagram and Facebook: Your Business Needs to Know 

Social media platforms are constantly changing and adding features. You as a business owner don’t have time to keep up with the latest information that will give you the best competitive advantage. Join us to learn how to effectively use all the new features that they offer and how to optimize your use. 

This class includes: 

  • The latest on interactive content for Facebook & Instagram
  • How shopping is evolving on Facebook & Instagram
  • How to effectively manage your integrated accounts
  • What’s changing with Messenger and Direct Messaging
  • Understanding the latest in Groups and Rooms

Participants will receive a checklist for both Facebook & Instagram to increase their business success. Developed and taught by Martin Brossman and Jeanne Munoz 

Updated: An Introduction to Facebook and Google Ads

By Martin Brossman & Colleen Gray – 2hr Webinar or 3hr In-person

Where to start with Facebook and Google Ads and spend the least amount of money. This course will teach you:

  • How to learn about ads that you can manage yourself on both platforms
  • How you can learn as you go and not waste large amounts of money
  •  Which platform would connect with more of your customers/clients
  •  Key tips on what type of ads get good results

We also introduce you to the different options of ads like retargeting, using the tracking pixel, and look-a-like audiences. You will leave with a solid foundation on how to start testing ads on Facebook with a little at $1 per day and Google with as little as $3 per day. 

*Small Business Applications of Twitter, Micro-blogging, & Blogs to Attract & Keep Customers – Online or in-person Developed by: Martin Brossman & Jeanne Munoz 

Why should your business be blogging? What are the benefits? What would you like to accomplish with your blog? Learn about blogging and microblogging on various social platforms and website blogging tools. 

Increase your brand and reputation while offering value to your current and potential customers.

This class will teach you how to start a blog and write effectively for the web. You’ll also receive resources for keyword research to improve your searchability, for writing good headlines that attract customers, for engaging content ideas, and for “copyright-free” images that capture their attention. Learn how to use Twitter effectively as a microblog. Get tips for making your blog successful and for making more money.

What Small Business Needs to Know about Clubhouse, TikTok, and Snapchat

You will learn if any of these platforms are right for your business, We will compare and contrast these three platforms to each other and other Social Media Platforms. (A 2hr Webinar) 

Websites, Chatbots & Content Marketing

Updated! Creating Landing Pages to Drive Business- Your One Page Website –  2 hr webinar; or 3 hrs. in person

Now more than ever, having a place online to convert sales for your business is imperative.

Landing pages are single, stand-alone web pages designed to accomplish one specific task. They are where visitors “land” after clicking on links in emails, tweets, posts, or on other web pages. They are typically created as part of a marketing campaign, often to capture customer information or convert a sale. Some are designed as a simple beginning webpage. Generate new customer leads and sales by creating a landing page for your business!

In this class you will:

  • Understand how landing pages generate leads and drive sales
  • Learn the components/layouts for a successful landing page
  • View examples of various kinds of landing pages and templates for building them
  • Examine landing page builder tools for creating landing pages
  • Discuss ideas for free offerings of value to use as lead magnets
  • Create a landing page together
  • Create an effective call to action for your page
  • Learn how to optimize a landing page for SEO

You’ll be landing-page savvy after this webinar.

Developed and taught by Martin Brossman and Jeanne Munoz 

Updated! Easy Online Web Design and Marketing 2022
Improve your online presence with a website and the right web presence. Understand how to have a website that you can afford and manage. This training will show you the key components you need to be aware of in order to have a website that will drive customers to you and support your business. You will learn the different levels of web presence available starting from no cost to a very powerful website within your budget. Explore options for designing a website to sell products, services, and content online, and ways to make it easy to lead customers to take the next step towards conversion.  Discover the tools you need for creating and maintaining a website. You will leave this class knowing the right next step for your business to guarantee success and a powerful web presence.  We bring over 14 years of experience to this class helping small businesses with zero or little budget find success. 

Updated! Content That Convinces: Moving Your Audience to Take Action and Convert-
2 hr webinar; 3 hrs. in person

Due to the Coronavirus, more people than ever are online and actively searching and consuming content. Recent surveys indicate that Internet traffic has increased by over 40%. Is your business optimizing its opportunity to connect with its current and potential customers?

Learn about:

  • Current consumer mindset
  • Successful marketing strategies post-pandemic
  • Effective types of content and appropriate messaging for post-pandemic communication
  • The importance of transparency and building customer relationships now
  • Tailoring content to the different phases of your customer’s journey

Developed and taught by Martin Brossman and Jeanne Munoz 

Updated! Copyrights and Wrongs for Small Businesses 

Explore the challenges of understanding and following copyright law on and off-line. How to avoid violations while you create!

  • What is copyright and what does it apply to?
  • What about Fair Use, Creative Commons, and works in the Public domain?
  • What does this mean for creating my online content for my website and social media?
  • Can I use inspirational quotes and memes?
  • How does this apply to self-publishing for authors?
  • What are some sources and strategies for “copyright-free” content?
  • What is “copyright etiquette?”

Developed and taught by Jeanne Munoz with Martin Brossman

New: Personalized Communication-Your Customers Expect It-Are You Prepared? (1.5 hrs)

Personalized marketing is the new marketing. Customers have grown to expect immediate, real-time, and individualized communications from businesses they are following. Are you using the tools of conversational marketing to effectively respond to their needs? Learn more about messaging, SMS texting, automated responses, chatbots, and strategies for successful communications. Lead your customers to convert and nurture raving fans.

Business Productivity and Effectiveness

Maximizing Google Free Apps & Tools for Greater Business Success
Developed by Martin Brossman & Jeanne Munoz 

Are you getting the most out of the free Google resources to run, market, and expand your business?  Google offers an abundance of free resources for small business owners to run, manage and promote their businesses. This training offers the one you need to know and how to get started.

More details about the Google Training: https://www.ncsmallbusinesstraining.com/maximizing-google-free-apps-tools-for-greater-business-success/  

If you don’t see a class you want please have Colleen schedule time for us to discuss it. We are your one-stop-shop for Digital Marketing Training with over 15 years of experience in helping businesses with little or no marketing budget gain success. 

If you have other suggestions or wants, please contact Colleen Gray at colleen@martinbrossman.com