Unlock the Power of AI for Your Small Business or Nonprofit

Join us for a 2-hour Webinar or In-Person Seminar.

Curious about AI but not sure where to start? This beginner-friendly workshop will demystify AI and show you how to harness its power. Learn how AI can revolutionize your work, from writing and research to understanding your customers and creating visuals. We’ll explore practical ways to implement AI tools like ChatGPT and CoPilot while ensuring responsible and ethical use. Join us and discover how AI can transform your organization!

Topics covered:

– What is AI? Key terms and the most useful applications for small businesses and nonprofits.

– Using AI responsibly: Understand the legal and ethical guidelines, and learn how to protect your data.

– Practical ways AI can save you time and boost efficiency today.

– How to integrate AI tools safely and ethically into your organization.

Instructors Martin Brossman from Martin Brossman and Associates and Dr. Justin Rose have been teaming up on AI instruction in North Carolina, specifically in the small business arena.

Contact Information: To reach me, please contact my assistant, Colleen Gray, at colleen@martinbrossman.com, or call her directly at 919-847-4757, select option #1 (please leave your email if Colleen does not answer).

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