Youtube Academy for Small Business Owners Certificate Program

YouTube Academy for Small Business Owners Certificate Program

Full Day In Person Youtube and video training for Small Business Owners that will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training. Must take all classes for the certificate. Developed by Martin Brossman, Charles Register & Dr. Justin Rose.

1.5 hr – The Basics of YouTube for Business Owners

The Basics of YouTube for Business Owners: In this seminar, we will cover the fundamentals of using YouTube for business purposes, including how to create a YouTube channel, optimizing your videos for search, and leveraging your brand. You need to know the core competencies required to set up your YouTube channel so that your target audience finds you. This seminar will teach you ways to get found while staying out of trouble with YouTube. 

    15 min Break

1.5 hr – How to Shoot  Popular YouTube Videos and Shorts

Join us for this session, where we will focus on how to shoot captivating and engaging YouTube videos and shorts that resonate with your audience. This training will cover both the basic and advanced equipment needed to capture good audio and video. Discover best practices for filming and capturing your customers with compelling stories. Discover how you can develop your own unique, creative, voice on YouTube.

     1/2 Lunch Break (if lunch is provided by a sponsor, if not, give 1hr.)

1.5 hr –  How to Edit a YouTube Video or Short to Get Views

How to Edit a YouTube Video or Short to Get Views: Discover the basics of video editing, including how to trim and cut footage while adding effects and music. Learn how to create a polished and attractive final product aimed at building an audience. Explore different editing software options and pick up tips on how to optimize your videos for maximum views. This training includes how to use free software to edit your video and introduces you to paid ones to consider as you grow.

    15 Break

 1.75 hr – How to gain more business and become “YouTube Famous”

We will show you ways to gain more business and make money from your YouTube channel. You will learn how to support your sales and attract more customers as well.  If you’re interested in monetizing your YouTube channel and becoming a social media influencer, this seminar is for you as well. We’ll cover different revenue streams available to YouTube creators, including advertising, sponsorships, and merchandise sales, as well as strategies for growing your audience and establishing yourself as a brand. Learn more to minimize the risk of legal troubles that can occur with sponsored products and the FCC.  Certificates will be given out, and time for a group picture.

To schedule & pricing contact Colleen@MartinBrossman.com or 919-847-4757 Ext #1

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