Social media communicationCore Competency in Social Media for Small Business Owners
Finally, a class that goes over all the fundamentals of the top social media platforms in detail for small business owners. Hands-on (laptop required). This class is a total 16hr of training – 4 or 6 sessions that are 3 or 4hr each! This also can be offered in other arrangements, contact us. 

This class fills in the gaps that you never had time to sit down and learn.

We know that building strong and loyal relationships helps a business to get started and to grow. Social media can help in ways that we may have never dreamed were possible.

And, the good news is that it doesn’t take massive sums of marketing dollars to make it effective.  The effective use of social media is a perfect fit for small-business owners and entrepreneurs who usually have little discretionary cash for promoting their businesses, especially in the early days.

This course will provide participants with basic knowledge about a variety of social media tools and will offer strategies for how to use them most effectively:

  • Social media  – Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram
  • Mobile marketing
  • Free local directories – Yelp, Google Local, Trip Advisor
  • Photography and Video including live streaming

Class time will include the basics of how to set up accounts for these online tools with an intensive focus on how to use these tools most effectively to drive customers to your business and generate revenue.  A how-to reference manual will be included in the registration fee.

Computers are not supplied (unless specified) – you will need to bring a laptop or notebook with you and have a Gmail account.

The course originally developed by Martin Brossman and Deborah Oronzio.


Maximize  your competitive edge and profit using Social Media and proven web marketing strategies  

Martin Brossman - Social Media - Raleigh NCSocial media expert, Martin Brossman from Raleigh offers this 

Martin is founder and current facilitator of Professional Networking on the Web at the Capital City Club, and is the most sought after social media expert in North Carolina.  He has published several books on the subject including Social Media for Business and Linking  Into Sales: Using LinkedIn to Support the Selling Cycle.

  • Growing Your Business with Social Media – Social media is the new competitive advantage. This dynamic overview of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram,YouTube, blogging and free online directories will give you an introduction to how they may all be used to give your business a boost!!
  • Facebook for Business –  Facebook is not only the number one social media site for personal information, but has become a must for businesses! This session will cover the importance of having a Facebook page for your business, how to set it up, and monitor it to maximize free exposure to your customers.
  • LinkedIn to Drive Revenue for Your Business –  Business owners and other professionals are tapping into the strategic power of Linkedin and other social tools to increase sales, shorten the sales cycle and accelerate trust. If you are not already on Linkedin, you need to be! This session will teach you how to establish your own Linkedin page, and show you how it can help drive your business and career!
  • Marketing Your Business Using Free Online Directories – When customers/visitors are considering spending money in your town, they go first to their phones and tablets, which draw from the online directories to make their decision. Is your business ready to be found?
  • Gaining the Business Advantage with Photography and Video
    The explosion of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram has proven that photography is a powerful tool to market your business. This how-to class will teach you the basics of digital photography to attract more customers with your social media and web marketing. Learn the techniques for being found on the Web by your photos, which leads to higher conversion to clients. This class will give you real-world knowledge that you can use today to increase social media engagement and expand your market. Photography for Social Media is one of the best ways to get more engagement from you customers and greater sales.
    (This class draws on content from the class – Getting More Business with Better Picture in your Social Media for Business Owners.)
  • Mobile Marketing – The New Direction for Engaging Customers – As a small business owner, you may be missing a large population of your market if you have not yet discovered the importance of being found and looking good on a phone or a tablet. This training will instruct you in having a mobile web presence, using QR codes, apps and how to place and track mobile ads. Many of your customers are now searching for you and your products through their smartphones. Will they find you or your competition? This class will include free and low-cost ways to embrace the power of mobile for your business.
  • eCommerce for Your Business and Blogging –  Debit cards are now the preferred way consumers are paying for everything!!! Are you taking advantage of low-cost ways to accept money online and in person from your customers? Learn how to accept money online and with your smart phone to get that money in your bank account fast using tools such as Paypal and Square!!! It has been proven that businesses that have learn to blog effectively increase their followers/customers. Learn how WordPress and Blogger can work for your business.

Martin’s book: Supercharge Your Business with the Right Web Presence available on request for additional fee! Training can be offered as weekly, bi-monthly or monthly series.  Requires advanced scheduling for availability!

Call Colleen Gray to schedule the classes today: (919) 858-6122 – or email her.