Reputation Management, Risk Control and Negative Review Resolutions for Small Business Owners

Course Description: 
Having an intentional presence on the web so your content can be reviewed is becoming more and more important to enhance trust in business. Not having a presence on the web can be as bad as having a bad reputation.  Learning how to manage your reputation, enhance it and address problems when they occur is important for entrepreneurs, business owners and employees. This course handles what to do if you have a common name, how to monitor your business, yourself and competition on the web as well as actions to take when problems occur.  It includes personal branding and how to turn negative web comments into a profound competitive advantage.

Learning Objectives:
Course Materials: You will receive and handout with password access for including web based videos.

Who is it for:
For Business Owners and Entrepreneur

Course Length: 3 hr course

Developed by Martin Brossman