Gaining the Advantage of using Google+ and Google Local for Business

April 1st, 2013 | Posted by martinbrossman in Google Plus

Gaining the Advantage of using Google+ and Google Local for Business 
Developed and Taught by Martin Brossman

Google Plus not only adds a dynamic social layer to the Google search experience, it also builds authority on the Web that can give a small business an important marketing advantage. This class will outline the best use of Google+ and help you apply the concept of social validation—since Google understands that we now value what others have to say about a product or service more than we value the marketing material in making buying decisions.

You will learn about the important features of Google Plus:

Google Places, the core directory of Google, which has been updated to Google Local and is now integrated with Google+ and Google Pages.

Google Authorship, which allows you to stand out as an expert in your field by tying all your content together, along with your picture and bio.

Google Hangouts, which allows for remote meetings as well as the ability to broadcast live over your own Google YouTube station.

We will help you make the most of Google+ by understanding these valuable tips and tools:

  • Creating a Google page correctly
  • Integrating the right keywords
  •  Having a quick free web video meeting with Google+
  • Scheduling events
  • Holding a live broadcast over YouTube using your G+ account
  • Growing your circles (community of people and influence)
  • How to use Communities and foster useful relationships

This class can be offered as an intro 3hr, full day or three consecutive 3hr classes. It can be taught in a classroom setting or a computer lab (hands-on) class. Participants for the hands-on class are required to establish a Google email account (gmail) in advance. 

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