Marketing for Artists Series

August 6th, 2022 | Posted by martinbrossman in Uncategorized

Marketing for Artists Series – A series of 2 hour Webinars 

Developed and taught by Martin Brossman and Jeanne Munoz

How to Start and Grow an Arts and Crafts Business

  • How to present yourself as an artist both on and offline to build relationships and market your work
  • How to build compelling stories about your work to attract buyers
  • How to develop a pricing strategy and formula to apply to new artwork
  • Fundamentals for printing on demand
  • Online arts and crafts resources for marketing and selling

Increasing Art Sales Through Strategic Marketing

This class applies marketing basics to successfully reach, convince and close sales to customers. 

  • Establishing a plan-a quick look at goals and strategies
  • Identifying and knowing your target customers/audience
  • Choosing the right social media channels to reach your customers
  • Using hashtags to extend your reach
  • Examining your website and optimizing to be found online
  • Determining a pricing strategy
  • Creating great content
  • Storytelling that attracts buyers
  • Creating compelling images and video

Tips and Strategies for Getting Your Art Into a Gallery 

  • Selling yourself as an artist
  • How to build your online reputation
  • Building gallery relationships
  • Gallerist criteria for selection
  • The submission process
  • Tips for greater success

Ten Tips to Grow Art Market Sales   This class introduces strategies to help market, display, and pitch your art to generate successful sales along with resources to locate upcoming markets and tips for selection.

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