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November 4th, 2010 | Posted by martinbrossman in on-line Business Tips
Ham Radio on eBay - KI4CFS.com

What I bought with my eBay money.

eBay provides a low-cost way to sell items on-line and learn something about what is selling. You don’t need a store front, website or shopping cart to get going. It also provides a great way to learn about having your own business at a low cost. I became sold on eBay when I became interested in Amateur Radio (or Ham Radio) a few years ago (my call sign is KI4CFS). After passing my test I wanted to buy some radio equipment and made an agreement with myself– whatever junk in the attic that I could sell on eBay I could spend on radio equipment. After making a few thousand dollars from “stuff” in my attic, I not only became sold on eBay but now have some very nice radio equipment (see picture). Here are the basics your need for selling on eBay and let me know how you are making money with it. I am going to recommend you set aside $50.00 to learn how to use eBay.

What you will need to sell on eBay: a checking account; a paypal account; internet connection; some boxes and packing tape.

First the general overview. Go to paypal.com and set up an account then go to eBay and set up an account. Paypal is how you will pay for items and receive money. Next sign-in to ebay:

  • Look up your item in completed listings
  • Photo your item
  • Box your item (collected)
  • List your item
  • Sell your item
  • Ship it
  • Use Paypal & Parcel tracking
  • Give feeback after receive

Repeat the process and make lots of money.

Now for a few more detailed tips and notes. Even before you sell you should find a few low cost items to buy online using eBay. Like a new case or plastic protective cover for your phone.

Another resource for selling is http://www.etsy.com/ for crafts.

My video on how to use completed listing to determine the going price of an item on eBay:

Learn more from my Podcast interviewing someone that sell on eBay:

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