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Out of 28,500 indexed pages Martin Brossman’s listing show up second showing the power of LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn to Drive Revenue for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Sales Professionals

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful global business networking, connecting and reputation enhancement tools on the web. This course teaches you how to use this powerful tool to: build a global and local business network; enhance your reputation; create networking equity in others that will pay off in the future, and give you a way to gain powerful information about others that they are glad for you to have.   Your customers want to pre-screen you before they trust you with their hard-earned money. LinkedIn gives them a way to do just that. This class will give you practical strategies for using the element of pre-screening to gain an unbeatable advantage over your competition.

You will learn:

  • How to build a LinkedIn profile that stands out to customers and referral partners–an effective customer facing profile that gets results.
  • How to make your profile appear frequently in search results and be found for the terms your customers use to look for you.
  • Rules of engagement: how to appropriately contact prospective customers on LinkedIn and how to communicate on the LinkedIn platform.
  • How to develop relationships inside companies and use them to reach decision-makers.
  • How to enhance your status as an expert in your field.
  • Understanding all the key areas of the LinkedIn profile including the Summary area, rich media content, long post, recommendations, and endorsements.
  • How to effectively use Groups in LinkedIn.

Martin Brossman joined LinkedIn in 2004 and has been offering training in how to use it since 2006. His favorite quote is “just Google my name” and you will see out of the thousands of indexed pages of content, LinkedIn shows up in the top three. In this training you will learn how to effectively use LinkedIn to get real world results.

It can be taught in a classroom setting or a computer lab (hands-on) class. Participants for the hands-on class are required to have an email account they can access from the web.

Call Colleen Gray to schedule the class: (919) 858-6122 – or email her at Colleen@MartinBrossman.com

About Martin Brossman:

Martin Brossman is a leading authority on social media and online marketing. He is a business coach, consultant and a dynamic trainer known for his insight and humor. A member of the National Speakers Bureau, Martin is a popular speaker on social media topics. He teaches at North Carolina community college Small Business Centers throughout the state.

Martin offers customized coaching and training solutions for individuals and groups integrating social media, social networking and reputation management strategies. An advocate for professional transparency, Martin is a catalyst for achieving powerful business results with integrity. An overview is featured on his website, ProNetworkingOnline.com.

His books, How to Use Hashtags, Linking Into Sales and Social Media for Business, provide guidance and resources for accelerating professional networking and marketing; all

are available at Amazon.com.  A Social Media Management Certificate program is now being offered at NC State Technology Training Solutions in Raleigh NC, developed and taught by Martin Brossman.

Video of Martin Brossman talking about LinkedIn

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    Advanced Facebook for Business - Martin BrossmanA few new advanced features and tips re Facebook for Business as of 4-17-2011. Compiled by Martin Brossman

    • > In the status line there is a new status feature to ask questions on your business page. People can put in their answers or add their vote to an existing answer. Here is a link to a Facebook blog explaining it more: The Wisdom of Friends (and Others Too). “Questions will also enable you to cast a wider net. Now, when your friends answer one of your questions, their friends can answer it too.” – Facebook.
    • > Insights used with the analytic on your own website gives you feedback on what people are giving their attention to. Schedule time to look at both, notice the topics that draw interaction; pay attention to what content gets the most responses and the words people are drawn to.  Look at the “Interactions” areas to learn what people are most looking at and responding to. Use this with the keywords people use to find you.”External Referrers” show how people are getting to your page from outside sites. If you find a site other than yours is referring a lot of people, make sure to thank and/or help them. Here is an explanation of Insights from Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=1103 Another good resource for understanding Insights: http://www.cloudave.com/11566/more-data-on-facebook-insights/ and http://www.barbariangroup.com/posts/7788-from_data_to_decisions_understanding_facebook_analytics
    • > “Using Facebook as YOUR BUSINESS” feature is a great new tool. You can now speak on other business sites as your business. This is a wonderful way to acknowledge other quality businesses  and make sure your comment is a welcome post, not a hidden advertisement, since that will just make your own business look bad. You can find this on the right side when viewing your own business page.
    • > Getting and selecting a “Username” for your business page. After you have over 25 people that ‘like’ your page you can get your own user name. Make sure to keep it as close to your business name as possible and simple. Then instead of a longer URL address with part of your business name and numbers you will get a simple address like my FB business address: http://Facebook.com/MartinWBrossman (I use my name since that is my business name as well).  Here is a link to FB help that talks about this: http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=900
    • >Posting content from your phone to your business page. You can find out how to do this by going to your business page and selecting the “Edit Page” on the upper right side; then select “Mobile” and the email under “With Mobile Email” is the one you want to use from your phone to post content to your business page.
    • >Using Facebook Places for your business if you have a physical location so people can check in. You may also use a in-store QR code to make it easier with a smart phone. “For companies that have a physical location it makes sense to have a Facebook Place in order to track the people who are stopping by your store, office, or venue. As such, Facebook has released a new guide for businesses to learn how to merge Facebook Pages and Facebook Places into a single Page.” From this blog post: http://www.allfacebook.com/facebook-places-business-2010-08
    • >Add a ‘Like Box’ to your website so people can see the friends of theirs that ‘like’ your page and it invites them to ‘like’ your business page. Here is the link to get the code to add to your page and make sure you take out the example and add your own FB page: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box/
    • Your Business profile picture can be up to 180 X 540 pixels and Facebook will use at 90px by 90px area of the picture as the square photo used when you post. It does not just grab the upper square part so I recommend reading this post for more details:
    • Places to post your Facebook page for people to find it: Your website before the break; on your insideareacode.com page like inside252.com or inside919.com ; your linkedin profile; make sure to add the address in your shop or on printed content when you say join us on Facebook; and using a QR code to name a few. More important is making sure their is useful content on your page when people come to visit it.

    These are a few “Advanced Facebook” topics and tips for businesses using Facebook for business. There are many more and if you have one you like please share it below.
    – Martin Brossman http://NCSmallBusinessTraining.com

    Gift ideasWhy buy local for the Holidays?

    Looking for Holiday or Christmas gift ideas? Why not buy from a local merchant and help your local community as well?

    I asked a few people to share reasons to take advantage of quality products from local merchants in your area and I want to share what they had to say:

    “Buying local is a great way to strengthen our community on a smaller scale. As a pebble ripples through a pond, then can the positive effects of our stronger base community to ripple out and help others. One of the educational pieces I give my clients is to make sure you are strong, healthy and practice self-care so that your personal resources are set before you help your families. If our community is strong, then we can cause our own ripple effect within and outside ourselves.”
    – Nancy Campbell www.campbelllmbt.com

    “People should buy local to help support the local businesses that they like to frequent. We are seeing so many shops and restaurants closing down because they just can’t make it in this economy. How disappointing is it to go to the mall only to find your favorite store gone!

    Online shopping does make shopping easy; however, consumers should consider calling a store directly and ordering over the phone instead (usually for the same deal). This will help even the bigger name stores stay in business here in Raleigh. If you have found a certain something on-line, do an Internet search to see if the product is available locally. You would be surprised how many items are made and sold right here in North Carolina. Google and Yahoo of course are good resources, but not all small business are listed or come up on the first page of search, so I would encourage consumers to ask their friends (tweet it, Facebook it or e-mail). I had a neighbor looking for a good dentist the other day. She received so many responses simply by sending an e-mail to a group of friends.

    Buying local means to keep as many dollars right here in North Carolina as possible. Independent shops do keep more dollars locally; however, big name stores are equally important to our community (ordering on-line from a chain that is present in NC does not count as shopping locally if it doesn’t directly affect the sales at the local chain). Bottom line: consumers should try to shop at a variety of stores and buy local when they can.”
    – Terri Voltz http://www.electricbeanz.com”

    “You should support your local businesses because otherwise you’ll be paying the government for your neighbor’s unemployment and welfare checks, food stamps, and health care. If you support these local businesses, you enable them to remain in business, which means people stay employed and the debtload of the country and your state can be reduced. Plus, shipping costs are lower. :)”
    – Marie-Dolores Anderson www.pamperedchef.biz/mda

    “Consumer spending drives 70% of the economy. But when we shop at the big chain stores the dollars we just spent are overseas before sundown.

    When we shop at local family owned stores 68 cents of every dollar returns back to our community and when we buy American Made at these stores every penny supports the growth of our own economy! Yep, the economy and the end of this recession is up to each and everyone of us. So get to work, find the “right gifts” for this holiday season… those that are American Made!

    Here’s a few great resources to start with!  Links: http://www.FindAmericanMade.com http://www.AmericanStyle.com , http://www.AmericanCraft.com”
    – Wendy Rosen – www.americancraft.com

    How can you find local businesses? Just search Google Maps ( http://maps.google.com/ ) for what you are looking for and the area you are in. Like “Toy Stores near Raleigh, NC” and you can tell which are local owned vs big box stores. Also make sure your own local business is listed here.

    Lets hear your reasons to Buy Local and If you have or know of a local business that has gift ideas please share them too! Please share this with anyone you know and here is a short URL: bit.ly/buylocalgifts

    To see more comments, check out the replies to this questions on LinkedIn and inSide919:

    Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/answers/marketing-sales/advertising-promotion/viral-marketing/MAR_ADP_VMM/756219-548650

    inSide919: http://inside919.ning.com/forum/topics/why-buy-local-for-the-holidays

    Related post: Five Reasons for Buying Local

    Thanks! Martin Brossman http://NCSmallBusinessTranining.com

    Ham Radio on eBay - KI4CFS.com

    What I bought with my eBay money.

    eBay provides a low-cost way to sell items on-line and learn something about what is selling. You don’t need a store front, website or shopping cart to get going. It also provides a great way to learn about having your own business at a low cost. I became sold on eBay when I became interested in Amateur Radio (or Ham Radio) a few years ago (my call sign is KI4CFS). After passing my test I wanted to buy some radio equipment and made an agreement with myself– whatever junk in the attic that I could sell on eBay I could spend on radio equipment. After making a few thousand dollars from “stuff” in my attic, I not only became sold on eBay but now have some very nice radio equipment (see picture). Here are the basics your need for selling on eBay and let me know how you are making money with it. I am going to recommend you set aside $50.00 to learn how to use eBay.

    What you will need to sell on eBay: a checking account; a paypal account; internet connection; some boxes and packing tape.

    First the general overview. Go to paypal.com and set up an account then go to eBay and set up an account. Paypal is how you will pay for items and receive money. Next sign-in to ebay:

    • Look up your item in completed listings
    • Photo your item
    • Box your item (collected)
    • List your item
    • Sell your item
    • Ship it
    • Use Paypal & Parcel tracking
    • Give feeback after receive

    Repeat the process and make lots of money.

    Now for a few more detailed tips and notes. Even before you sell you should find a few low cost items to buy online using eBay. Like a new case or plastic protective cover for your phone.

    Another resource for selling is http://www.etsy.com/ for crafts.

    My video on how to use completed listing to determine the going price of an item on eBay:

    Learn more from my Podcast interviewing someone that sell on eBay:

    See all my classes and resources on NCSmallBusinessTraining.com Martin Brossman Senior Instructor Small Business Centers