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New 2018:  Online Safety and Security for Small Business Owners
Update your knowledge of best online privacy practices and what you need to do for effective reputation management on an ongoing basis. Understand how to have effective content on the web with the right degree of transparency. Become aware of current tools to help you achieve a secure web presence for yourself and your business.

New 2018: Using Video to Get More Business for Small Business Owners
Getting Your Video Mojo to Attract More Customers!
This course teaches you and your team how to be more comfortable in front of the camera for selling your product or service. People identify with people naturally and with brands only after great expense and a lot of people promoting them. It is cheaper for a small business to brand themselves by bringing their most passionate people out front and the owners if possible. (Updated with basic Drone info and Living streaming)

Marketing Your Business with Live Streaming Video and Prerecorded Video
Create a sense of engage with your customers to engage and buy with the right completing video. This will include the use of video stories and live streaming on social media platforms as well as free and low cost equipment to get the best results.

Take Photos Like a Pro to Get More Business with your Social Media
Covers the basics of low-cost photography to attract more customers with your social media and web marketing. Learn the techniques for being found on the Web by your photos.

Updated 2018: How to Sell on Amazon for Business Owners
Amazon.com, it’s not just for books. Whether you are looking for a business to start, or are already in business and want to expand, Amazon is the opportunity you need to explore. In this training, you will learn the basics of how to start selling on Amazon. Topics include: what you need to get started, how much it will cost, choosing your account type, what you shouldn’t sell, and how to run an online business without filling your house with stuff or even going to the post office.
Developed by Randy Reynolds with Martin Brossman

Updated 2018: SnapChat for Small Business Owners
SnapChat is capturing the attention of millennials with it’s disappearing photos and messages, filters and lenses, and private messaging. Businesses have an opportunity to reach millennials not only with their engaging stories but by encouraging your customers to include your business in their special moment. Developed by: Martin Brossman, Angela Ellen Tripp and Greg Hyer

Updated 2018: Getting More Business with Facebook Paid Ads for Business Owners
Now that Facebook is showing less and less of business pages it is time to learn the real power of Facebook ads as it has over 1.49 billion monthly users. With less than 3% of your customers seeing your post on Facebook today, it is more useful to view Facebook as a powerful paid advertising platform than a free social media site. With Facebook ads. you can display your best content in front of key customers that have clearly self-identified themselves as good customers by their interest on Facebook. You can get started with Facebook ads with as little as a few dollars per ad.

Updated 2018: Google Pay Per Click and Google Adwords Express Basics for Business Owners
Everyone wants to be at the top of Google Search results for prospective customers. Unfortunately, getting there takes some time and work. You do not just arrive. The good news is with some wise investment, you can be found by your prospective customers on Google in one day using a paid online advertising product called Google Adwords. This course will show how to set up successful, efficient, targeted campaigns on Google Adwords. The course will teach the basics of setting up successful campaigns. We will cover the basics of both Google Adwords Express and Google Pay Per Click. You will leave class knowing how to set up your own Google pay per click advertising for your business in a simple way that you can manage in-house within your business.

Updated 2018: Fundamentals of Google Analytics for Small Business Owners
Do you know how your web advertising and social media is working? If you don’t have information about who, how and why people are coming to your website then you are not tracking how your ads and social media activity is actually doing. Every business owner should know the basics of Google analytics from their website even if they don’t manage their own ads and social media. Google Analytics is free and shows how and why people found your website. This is key for attracting more of the right customers.

Updated 2018: Increasing Profitability Identifying the Right Customers for Business Owners – Maximizing success by customer persona identification
Do you know the difference between a customer profile and a customer personal? A personal had more in depth information and goes behind the categories looking at the individual. Marketing with a single message no longer works and consumers want you to talk directly to them. This course show you how to develop your customers personals that will enhance your engagement on social media, more traffic to your website and better quality customers in your business.

Updated 2018: One Page Marketing Plan for Business Owners
Create a marketing plan that is clear focused, results driven and relevant. In this class, you will learn a simple way to create a one-page marketing plan and a marketing map to follow that includes the web, social marketing, and traditional marketing. Often the simplest plans are easiest to stay focused on and to get clear team involvement with.  Developed by: Martin Brossman and Leon Rawitz

Updated 2018:  Developing and implementing a social media plan and policy for small business owners 
Are you using social media with a plan that is generating reviews and enhancing your reputation or just throwing things out there with a risk of damaging your reputation? This course for business owners is designed to develop a social media plan and reduce their liability by having a social media policy.

Updated 2018: Marketing Your Business with Pinterest and Instagram for Business Owners
Women under 30 are predominantly on Instagram and over 30 on Pinterest with greater overlap occurring daily and a greater number of men joining rapidly. By using both of these social media platforms, you maximize your exposure. Martin shows the effective and correct integration of both of these platforms. Understanding which is the right one to use and in what combination is key to maximizing your profitability. – I also offer a class including Pinterest, Instagram & Snapchat.

Updated 2018: Easy Steps to Podcasting – Your own Web-Based Radio Show for Business Owners
An introduction to the world of broadcasting online from your home or office. We are the New Media and you can have profound influence by using Podcasting along with Facebook and Twitter to promote your show. This class will include: How to set up and run your own radio show that can be heard on the web and in Apples iTunes, and how to broadcast your audio podcast on YouTube or include a video version on YouTube. Podcasting is basically web-based radio and pre-recorded shows that people can hear across the world. This is relevant to entrepreneurs, business owners, experts, and institutions. Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer have one of the leading Social Selling Podcasts, with over 80 shows produced.
( http://LinkingIntoSales.com )

 Updated 2018 Marketing Your Business Using Free Online Directories
When visitors are considering spending money in your town, they go first to their phones and tablets ̶ which draw from online directories ̶ to make their decision. Is your business ready to be found?

Updated 2018: How to get more Positive Review on-line that lead to more real business for Business Owners
Your prospect customers care more about what anonymous people online have to say then your own marketing. Are you working to earn more review and appropriately respond to negative ones in a way that wins over new customers?

Updated 2018: Crowdfunding and other creative ways to get money for Small Business Owners Crowdfunding is one of many new creative ways of getting funding for small businesses. This class demystifies crowdfunding and other new ways to get money for small business today with a lower barrier to entry. You will learn the how to of getting money for your business and what is the right funding to explore. Developed by Social Media and Small Business Marketing expert Martin Brossman and Small Business Funding expert Dan Scalla part of Wake Angles.

Updated 2018 Shop Local – Buy Local – Invest Local to gain more business for you and your area
How to get the most out of a Shop Local program that helps your business, your town, and your county. Using Social Media in the right way can multiply your Shop Local program.

How Small Business Can Leverage the Cloud to be More Effective An introduction to cloud-based (Web-based) computing tools, which allows you to share files and applications over the internet, provides a high level of accessibility that frees the small business owner from a fixed work20130509_205402station environment.

Updated 2018: Using Instagram to Gain and Retain More Business
Learn how to effectively use Instagram to stay top of mind with current customers and attract new customers. (Note: Can be taught along with Pinterest in one 3hr class)

Updated 2018 Using LinkedIn to Drive Revenue for Entrepreneurs,  Business Owners & Sales Professionals
Tapping the strategic power of LinkedIn and other social tools to increase sales, shorten the sales cycle and accelerate trust.

 Mobile Marketing—Connecting with Customers via Smart Phones & Tablets
What  small businesses  need to know about QR codes, Apps,  mobile ads and optimized websites to be successfully found and viewed on mobile devices.

Updated 2018 Growing Your Business with Social Media–the New Competitive Advantage
A dynamic overview of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter,  Google+, Pinterest, YouTube , blogging and free online directories.

 Marketing with Pinterest for Business Owners 
A results-driven Pinterest for business training. Learn how to use Pinterest, the newest social media service, to drive traffic to your business website, establish credibility, convey expertise and a sense of who you are as a business person, and develop a relationship with clients and partners. [Developed by Karen Tiede]

Updated 2018: Making Money Online While You Sleep but you have to be awake to get started!
The internet can work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. In this 3-hour seminar, you’ll discover multiple ways to make money online, and many of the ways have nothing to do with selling tangible products.

Driving Customers to Your Website & Getting Them to Buy (SEO)
Keyword Tools, analytics and search optimization techniques to make your site more effective.

Increasing Customer Connections and Profits with Facebook (Basic and Advanced)
Creating a strong Facebook presence and understanding interactive engagement—the new marketing.

Customer Service in a Customer-Empowered World
Proven methods for generating repeat customers and preventing negative online reviews.

Capturing Your Customer with Video,  Photos and Podcasts  (Audio)
Intro to online media to build your brand and increase revenue.

Building Your Own Website That’s Easy for Customers to Find (WordPress)
Other classes include Intermediate/Advanced WordPress

Marketing Your Business Using Online Ads & Free Directories
Understanding  advertising on the Web including Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Email Marketing in the Age of Inbox Overload
How to set up email newsletters or ads, get people to read them and take action.

Conflict Resolution That Builds More Loyal Customers
How to deal with conflict in person as well as on the Web quickly in a 24hr=7 day a week world.

Twitter –the Surprising Tool for Enhancing Your Business
Using Twitter to build your brand, and generate valuable content to attract Google and your prospects.

Blogging and Twitter for Business
Business applications of Twitter, Micro-blogging & Blogs to attract & keep customers

Easy Online Web Design and Web Marketing
Basic info on search engines, social media and internet marketing, with free website options.

Easy Steps to eBay for the Novice – How to sell on eBay for Small Business Owners
Includes PayPal, eBay videos, setting up and researching listings.

Beyond Ordinary Business Networking
A workshop in building an online and in-person network of allies through authentic contribution. Click here to learn more.

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking
A step by step participatory class assisting each student in being effective in public speaking.

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