Photography, Video and Podcasting

Photography, Video and Podcasting

What every business owner needs to know to use multimedia including Pictures, Video and Audio to build your brand, stay top of mind for customers and increase your business revenue. Learn how to capture compelling images and stories that attract your next customer to buy and get them to share with their friends to expand your customer base.  Social Media Marketing is driven by quality content delivered with words, pictures, video and audio. This class shows you free and low cost ways to gain a competitive edge creating content that can be distributed on: YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few.  Included are the basics of Podcasting which allows you to create your own radio station on the internet. You will leave this class with clear actions you can take to get the most out of these free resources.  You business will be found more easily by Google and shared more by maximizing multimedia using these proven low cost methods.

Will include the power of using Google+, Google+ Hangouts On Air, YouTube, Facebook for Business and Blogs as well as much more.

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instagram-appUsing Instagram to Gain and Retain More Business for Small Business Owners
by Martin Brossman

Learn how to effectively use Instagram to stay top of mind with current customers and attract new customers. This popular photo sharing platform is especially important if you want to attract a younger audience that is fully integrated into the mobile world. This class will include correct etiquette as well as understanding and proper use of hashtags.

With 100 million active users, 40 million Photos Per Day, 8500 Likes Per Second, and 1000 Comments Per Second, it is a growing platform that is drawing the attention of more prospective customers for you.

This class also includes how Instagram interfaces with other social media platforms, other core photo sharing platforms and short video sharing platforms.  Smart Phones are not required but it is suggested you bring your if you have one and download Instagram before the class.

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Martin’s latest blog post on Instagram for Business.

See an article on how a local business is using Instagram to get more business. 

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One Pixel

One Pixel

Getting More Business with Better Picture in your Social Media for Business Owners

The explosion of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram has proven that photography is a powerful tool to market your business. This how-to class will teach you the basics of digital photography to attract more customers with your social media and web marketing. Learn the techniques for being found on the Web by your photos, which leads to higher conversion to clients. Developed by social media expert Martin Brossman and David Williams with ( DWPPC.com ) and Karen Tiede of Red Tuxedo .  this class will give you real world knowledge that you can use today to increase social media engagement and expand your market. Photography for Social Media is one of the best ways to get more engagement from you customers and greater sales.

This class can also include basic video for Social Media if required.

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Photo posts on Facebook receive…
“53% more likes than posts without photos
104 % more comments
And attract 120 % more engagement”
– According to a March 2013 survey by Wishpond

Interview by Martin Brossman of  a Photo Journalist and how it relates to Social Media:

Comment from someone right after the Photography for Social Media class:

Hangout with Martin and David discussing the class:

Resource page: http://wp.me/PNVMb-HA

Alternate title: Take Photos like a Pro to get more Business with your Social Media

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Podcasting TrainingEasy Steps to Podcasting – Your own Web-Based Radio Show for Business Owners
Developed by Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer

An introduction to the world of broadcasting online from your home or office. We are the New Media and you can have profound influence by using Podcasting along with Facebook and Twitter to promote your show. This class will include: How to set up and run your own radio show that can be heard on the web and in Apples iTunes, and how to broadcast your audio podcast on YouTube or include a video version on YouTube. Podcasting is basically web-based radio and pre-recorded shows that people can hear across the world. This is relevant to entrepreneurs, business owners, experts, and institutions. Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer have one of the leading Social Selling Podcasts, with over 80 shows produced.
( http://LinkingIntoSales.com )

Learning Objectives:

  • Linking Into SalesUnderstanding hardware, software and web components of a podcast.
  • How to grow listenership using digital marketing
  • Using Google Hangouts On-Air to record a show and converting it to Audio-Only format
  • Explore the top technical challenges you need to overcome for a successful show
  • Basics of show format
  • Understand how to get your podcast going fast
  • How to use your podcast to build social capital

Course Materials:
Printed and online documents and resources

Who is it for:
This is relevant to entrepreneurs, business owners, experts and institutions.  

Course Length: 3hr.

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