Most Popular Current Class Topics* offered by Martin Brossman – NCSmallBusinessTraining.com

Growing  Your Business with Social Media–the New Competitive Advantage (Beginning and Advanced)
A basic overview of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, blogging and free online directories

Increasing Customer Connections and Profits with Facebook (Basic and Advanced)
Creating a strong Facebook presence and understanding interactive engagement—the new marketing.

Mobile Marketing— Connecting With Customers Who Use Smart Phones and Tablets to Search & Shop
What small business owners need to know about QR codes, Apps , mobile ads and  optimizing their sites to be found.

Customer Service in a Customer-Empowered World
Proven methods for retaining customers and preemptive approaches for avoiding dissatisfied positng of negative reviews online.

Driving Customers to Your Website & Getting Them to Buy (SEO)
Keyword Tools, analytics and search optimization techniques to make your site more effective.

Engaging Your Customer With Online Video, Photos and Podcasts (Audio)
The fundamentals of  using audio and visual  media to capture attention, build your brand, and maximize your Web presence.

Building Your Own Website That’s Easy for Customers to Find (WordPress)
Other classes include Intermediate/Advanced WordPress

Marketing Your Business Using Online Ads & Free Directories
Including paid ads on the web including Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Email Marketing in the Age of Inbox Overload
How to set up email marketing, get people to read your emails and take the action to buy.

Using LinkedIn to Drive Revenue for Entrepreneurs,  Business Owners & Sales Professionals
How LinkedIn and other social tools increase sales, shorten the sales cycle and accelerate trust.

Conflict Resolution That Builds More Loyal Customers
Learn how to deal with conflict in person as well as the web quickly in a 24hr=7 day a week world

Twitter –the Surprising Tool for Enhancing Your Business
Using Twitter to build your brand, and generate valuable content to attract Google and your prospects

Blogging and Twitter for Business
Business applications of Twitter, Micro-blogging & Blogs to attract & keep customers

Easy Online Web Design and Web Marketing
Basic info on search engines, social media and internet marketing, with free website options

Easy Steps to eBay for the Novice
Includes PayPal, eBay videos, setting up and researching listings

Beyond Ordinary Business Networking
A workshop in building an online and in-person network of allies through authentic contribution

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking
A step-by-step participatory class assisting each student in being effective in public speaking

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