Getting more business with your WordPress Website
Developed by Martin Brossman – NCSmallBusinessTraining.com and Andrew Hill with IntoTheInternet.com

Now that you have a WordPress website what is the next skill to apply to get more business! This training is for the business owner that has created or inherited a WordPress website and want to get more real world results from it. This class will start with a review of the core still of posting content that can be easily found by prospect clients and from there include:

  • WordPress Layouts that get the highest conversion
  • Embedding videos and media gallery that get the highest engagement.
  • Understanding forms
  • Adding a shopping cart
  • Having effective calls to action
  • Setting up and managing different user permissions
  • Understanding visitor demographics and analytic.
  • List building with an email list
  • Effective interfacing with Social Media
  • Using the right words to attract the right customer
  • Advanced security
  • Making sure your WordPress is mobile ready.
  • Backing up your WordPress site and speeding it up.

Can be taught as a 3hr over view or three 3hr classes allowing for more integration or a all day training.
It also can be taught in a classroom setting or a computer lab (hands-on) class. Participants for the hands-on class are required to establish a Google email account (gmail) in advance.

Call Colleen Gray to schedule the class: (919) 858-6122 – or email her.

A WordPress Website WordPress Website & Blog Intensive Training

Whole day or three 3hr consecutive training program offered as a hand-on classroom.
Taught by Martin Brossman Developed by Martin Brossman & WordPress Expert Andrew Hill

Learn how to take control of your own website and make it easy for your customers to find you with this results driven Wordpress training. This class is supported with extensive on-line video training and resource pages developed over many years of teaching WordPress.

“WordPress is used by over 14.7% of Alexa Internet’s “top 1 million” websites and as of August 2011 manages 22% of all new websites. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, powering over 60 million websites worldwide.” – Wikipedia

Understanding and Setting up WordPress Websites 

  • The multiple benefits of WordPress-based websites, and how it contrasts to traditional websites
  • Understanding a blog’s purpose and use
  • Choosing and buying a website name
  • Finding the right keywords and understanding Search Engine Optimization
  • How Google finds websites and how to get Google to find yours
  • Understanding hosting for the domain, free or paid
  • Setting up the WordPress software using the 1-Click Process (avoid manual installation)

Using and Editing Your Website and Blog Widgets 

  • Understanding the WordPress dashboard (admin panel)
  • Choosing and installing a theme to customize your website and blog
  • Building the static home page and setting up the blog
  • How to add, schedule, and publish content
  • Adding audio, video and pictures to pages and blog posts
  • Using Plug-ins and Widgets to add functions and interactivity for your site visitors

Promotion: Attracting and Keeping the Right Customers 

  • How to market the site: How to drive and draw traffic to it
  • Interfacing with Social Media sites
  • Methods of generating on-going relevant content
  • Future expansion of your WordPress website

It can be taught in a classroom setting or a computer lab (hands-on) class. Participants  for the hands-on class are required to sign-up with as Google email account (gmail) in advance. 

Call Colleen Gray to schedule the class today: (919) 858-6122 – or email her.

Find Your Niche: Using SEO and Keywords to Build Your Online Business

Standing out from the competition online is tough. Getting people to buy from you is even harder, especially since the internet is extremely price-competitive. This class teaches you how to discover and focus on your niche market, where you can create a sustainable competitive advantage.  When you focus your time and energy on mastering the right combination of skills, you can make yourself stand out from the crowd and charge higher prices than your competitors do.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to use keyword discovery tools to find untapped niches on the internet
  • How to read web site analytics and interpret the data to guide your business decisions
  • How to set up an opt-in e-mail list that ensures people remember you after they leave your web site
  • How to improve the copy on your web site by incorporating SEO keywords for increased traffic and responses
  • How to convert web site visitors into phone calls and sales!

If you’re ready to stop paying money to host a dead web site that sits on the internet and does nothing, this class is for you. We’ll teach you how to stop wasting time and start making real money.

Wordpress DashboardHow to build a website that you can easily manage!

Developed by: Martin Brossman and Michelle Gower

Build a website that attracts the right customers that you can manage yourself and allows for maximum expansion over time as you grow. This is a results driven class with over 4 years of experiences in producing results.

For under $100 a year you can have a professional website using the user-friendly web software of WordPress. WordPress is the leading open-source (free) content management platform that is both a website and blog.  It enables you to insert the original content and make ongoing changes to the content on your own. We will show you how to make your site easy for Google to find.

This class gives you the details for securing your domain name, choosing a graphics theme, and step-by-step guidance for building your site.  Students have access to instructional videos to support and add to the class instruction. You will also receive a list of recommended themes, plug-ins and widgets that allow you to customize and enhance your website.

Call Colleen Gray to schedule the class: (919) 858-6122 – or email her.