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It’s all about relationships! On the ground and on the web.  This is a long-standing mantra in the business community.  We know that building strong and loyal relationships help a business to get started and to grow.  This is where social media can help in ways that we may never have dreamed were possible.  And the good news is that it doesn’t take massive sums of marketing dollars to make it effective.  The effective use of social media is a perfect fit for small business owners and entrepreneurs who usually have little discretionary cash for promoting their businesses in the early days.  This course will provide participants with basic knowledge about a variety of social media tools and how to use them most effectively:

  • free local directories like Yelp, Google Local, Trip Advisor and location sharing sites like Foursquare;
  • social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+; and mobile marketing.
  • Class time will include computer basics and how to set up accounts for these online tools.
  • It will also include  on the ground (in person) referral marketing techniques that drive real revenue to your business.

Based on real world success from over 7 years of work. Small business owners and entrepreneurs usually have little discretionary cash for promoting their businesses. – but social media can help! This course will provide participants with basic knowledge about social media tools and how to use them most effectively.

What Others Say…

“I have attended Martin’s training a number of times now.  Each time I come away with an enormous amount of usable information and advice.  He is wealth of knowledge and a down to earth communicator whose enthusiasm is contagious.  I highly recommend attending any of his classes”.

This class is designed to be a multi-day class or a full day highly intensive class.  It may include a 40+ page ebook or printed book . 


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Getting More Business with Better Picture in your Social Media for Business Owners

The explosion of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram has proven that photography is a powerful tool to market your business. This how-to class will teach you the basics of digital photography to attract more customers with your social media and web marketing. Learn the techniques for being found on the Web by your photos, which leads to higher conversion to clients. Developed by social media expert Martin Brossman and David Williams with ( DWPPC.com ) and Karen Tiede of Red Tuxedo .  this class will give you real world knowledge that you can use today to increase social media engagement and expand your market. Photography for Social Media is one of the best ways to get more engagement from you customers and greater sales.

This class can also include basic video for Social Media if required.

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Photo posts on Facebook receive…
“53% more likes than posts without photos
104 % more comments
And attract 120 % more engagement”
– According to a March 2013 survey by Wishpond

Interview by Martin Brossman of  a Photo Journalist and how it relates to Social Media:

Comment from someone right after the Photography for Social Media class:

Hangout with Martin and David discussing the class:

Resource page: http://wp.me/PNVMb-HA

Alternate title: Take Photos like a Pro to get more Business with your Social Media

To schedule contact Colleen Gray today (919) 858-6122 – for Class, Onsite and Individual training. 


The Social Media Future for Educators

Applications of Social Media are a fast-growing dynamic in the fabric of education.  According to a 2011 CASE survey, “nearly all institutions using social media are using Facebook, while 75 percent are using Twitter, 65 percent are using LinkedIn and 65 percent are using YouTube”, with the top goals for using social media being “to engage alumni, create and sustain brand image, engage current students and increase awareness.”

Social networks most popular for professional use among college teachers are You Tube (40%), Facebook (30%), Blogs (24%), Linkedin (17%), and Twitter (7%), from a 2012 survey reported by Schools.com.  The survey also revealed that 80% of educators have a social media account, while 2% have 4 or more social media connections.  In addition, 70% of faculty consider videos, blogs, podcasts and wikis to be valuable tools for teaching.

Even though the percentage of college teacher Twitter usage seems small at 7%, we predict enormous growth of institutional Twitter application ahead, since general Twitter use has more than doubled between November 2010 and February 2012.  Right now, 8% of internet users in the U.S. are active on Twitter daily, and more than 15% are Twitter users.

If you are interested in a deeper breakdown of Twitter usage by gender, ethnicity and geo factors, have a look at the excellent graphs and info provided by briansolis.com . Solis calls Twitter a “human seismograph”. We’ve been noticing for years that Twitter is an information network that often trumps the breaking news with grassroots speed and accuracy regarding local and global events.

Many colleges have set up a Twitter feed to post daily announcements. Henry Ford Community College does a good job, and seamlessly links to Facebook to present further information to promote courses.  Note also that they have their social media icons prominently displayed at the very top of their school website’s home page to enable immediate linking to social media sites.

And Twitter offers more. It’s especially suited for public relations and helps open doors to the media as a vehicle for pitching news stories and establishing relationships over time. Sarah Evans, director of public relations at Elgin Community College, maintains a Twitter account for the school and is also well-known for her personal blogging about industry related topics, like how to find a job on Twitter. You can follow her on Twitter: @prsarahevans

One way for colleges to get more Twitter mileage is with re-tweets, or passing along other people’s Tweeted news about you . Here’s an example of a good one: https://twitter.com/piedmontvacc which links to the news story at: http://ht.ly/cADL

Do you know of other good resources for Educators on this topic? Please share it below in the comments area.

Learn more about the training Martin Brossman and Associates offers for Small Business Centers and Chambers of Commerce at:

Social Media Marketing and Advertising
developed and presented by Martin Brossman

Learn how to get started with free Social Media platforms and web-based directories, and understand which marketing approaches are best for your business. This class will give you real-world examples of small and micro businesses that are successfully using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Yelp and other sources. You will take away an easy-to-implement grassroots marketing strategy to give your business the edge it needs to compete in today’s fast-moving online world.

It’s vital to understand and apply the right mix of traditional advertising, New Media marketing and Social Media marketing because misusing Social Media can actually damage your brand. Let Martin Brossman help you make the most of the powerful marketing opportunity that exists for the first time in history—to reach future customers and connect with current customers 24/7 online—that’s changing the face of advertising and marketing.

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